Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bloggy Perks

I know that some people feel like accepting free things and then blogging about them is somehow a sell-out. I think that those people are really like I used to be--a bit jealous that no one wanted to send ME free stuff. I've gotten a few books from authors and publicists, and I am NOT complaining about that. I'm going to read anyway, and I like to share what I'm reading.

Anyway, I'm creating this new label, "bloggy perks" which will mark any of my product/books/music posts that are somehow sponsored by a company who sent me something free. This is NOT a pay-per-post sort of thing. Anything I write is generally borne out of my personal experience with said product, but I am creating this label so that I don't have to always say, "The publisher sent me this book," or "The music company sent me this CD." However, I will always be honest. If acceptable from the company, if I hate it, I just won't say anything. So if I'm blogging about it, it's because I like it. Some companies want the buzz anyway, so if you read something lukewarm, that's my honest opinion which they are seeking.

Sound fair??

If you read Boomama (and um, who doesn't?), you know that she's been posting a bit about Monk & Neagle. Because of her far-reaching influence (which she always uses for good and not for evil), they have arranged for 100 bloggers to receive copies of the new CD to help spread the word. Click the link, and you, too, can sign up to receive one, or at least listen to five of the songs (in full, I think). Wow, they ARE good. I can't wait to get the whole CD! More to come. . . .

monk & neagle banner


Jenny said...

Thanks for mentioning this Jennifer. I loved their song Beautiful One!

Beckyb said...

Great Songs - thanks for telling us about it!!!

laundrylessons said...

Thanks for your honest opinion. I feel sort of the same way about reviewing isn't really my deal, especially stuff that doesn't really pertain to what I'm trying to accomplish on my blog.

Heather said...

Thanks for the link. Sadly, they're out of free CD's, but I'm listening to them now via web, and I like their sound.

Stephanie said...

I personally like reviews, whether the reviewer gets something for it or not. It helps me be a better consumer.

Org Junkie said...

I love Bloggy Perks (great name by the way) and I also love reviews! Keep them coming.


Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Yes, the perks are great. However I have about 10 books to "review" and no time to read them right now...yikes!!! :) CD's would be easier to manage right now!

angeleyes Blue said...

Completely off the subject--Jen--I never seem to get the Free Stuff either. Oh Well :(

Has anyone seen the e-mail re:Hugs? It is pretty amazing. A man in NYC paints a sign that says Free Hugs. Everyone ignores him. Finally a little old lady comes up to him and takes him up on his offer--A free Hug. She starts to laugh and caresses him on his cheek. Another person comes up to the man for a free hug. Eventually he hands out more Free hug signs. There is a group Hug.

The police become involved and it turns out you can't give out free hugs in NYC. The man starts a petition--10,000 signatures later he is allowed to go out and stand holding up his free hug sign.

The man who started all this also did the same thing around the world. He has included clips of Free hugs in Holland, China and Isreal. It is SOOOOO COOL.

An observation--ONLY In NYC would you need to have a permit to give out FREE HUGS.

If you would like to see this project, open a box of Kleenex and send me your e-mail address. I will forward it on to you.

Hugs from Albuquerque, NM

Angeleyes Blue