Sunday, July 22, 2007

Can We Talk Purses?

That purse meme was going around a while ago where the blogger was supposed to show her purse. I never got tagged for it, and I never stole it or accepted an open tag because I didn't really have anything to show.

However, I just bought myself what I think is a cute, fun summer purse at TJMaxx (for $14.99!). I couldn't wait to show my friends who actually care about stuff like that, unlike me who generally carries the same purse for a while, with little regard to fashion or style other than "I like it" and "It holds what I need."

Case in point? The purse that I was carrying before is a $5 Vera Bradley knockoff that I received free as a gift at our Ladies' Retreat in May. I really liked it because it was roomy enough to carry a book on those occasions when I needed a book, as well as a spare Pull-Up or a sippy cup since I am no longer saddled with the diaper bag. In fact, it seems that it was a bit too roomy. This is what I removed from the purse:

The big pile of paper in the middle is all trash! I did indeed have a book in it (which I hope to review soon on 5 Minutes for Mom). The money you see was the money that was just loose in my purse. I need a new wallet, too. And, really, you never know when you might need a pack of Equal or a Tootsie Roll Pop. . . .

Someone is going to have to remind me in October that I can no longer carry my cute, fun summer purse, but for now, I like it and I feel all stylin' and snappy. Am I wrong?

By the way, this is not a bloggy perk in any way (although if they want me to try out the service and blog about it and turn it into a bloggy perk, I would be more than glad to comply). I think that I found it when I clicked through an ad on Org Junkie Laura's site. Have you see Bag Borrow or Steal? It's like Netflix for handbags!! I don't know if I would ever pay the monthly fee (since, as I stated, I carry the same purse for a long time with no qualms about trendsetting or matching or anything), but if you're a bagaholic, this seems very cool. I did browse around the outlet section of the site where they sell the slightly used bags, and found one I would love to buy, but it seems that it is no longer available. However, I think I'm going to try to stay somewhat up-to-date in the purse department, so I'm going to keep browsing and see what I can find so that I'll be hip and stylin' this Fall (or at the very least avoid being tacky and out of it).


stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

I'm going to have to do this one of these days and take picture ... my purse is getting heavier and heavier. :) Very fun.

Stephanie said...

I have the same purse issues. I've been thinking lately I could use a cuter purse. But what's the point when you are hauling a giant diaper bag as well?

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I'm a one purse each season gal myself. Changing them requires too much time and effort. I'd rather be reading or blogging or eating :)

My mom changes her purse every day. Seriously. Drives me crazy.

Anyhow, I LOVE your purse! :) Very cute and chic!

summershine said...

That's a very cute purse.
I hardly ever use my purse since I'm in the diaper bag stage right now.
I've actually only ever owned two purses.
I bought my first purse over a year ago and would still be using it if the handle hadn't broke.
I like for everything to fit in my pocket. The keys and cell phone will, but, (funny) the pocket book wont .

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

that purse is FABULOUS! :)

***** said...

Hehe, I will never show the inner life of my purse.
I am a "one purse" person, too and I usually shed a few tears, when a beloved purse gets worn out and needs to be replaced.

I just finished the new Harry Potter yesterday and now wish, I had Hermiones purse: she can put simply EVERYTHING inside (lots of books, clothes, a tent, tea and cups, a drawing and everything else, one might need during an adventure).
Isn't this a girls biggest dream?

Thanks for your recent comment: yes, I can truly recommend "The year of magical thinking", though this book is really, really sad. But I have hardly ever read any other book, that was written nearly as good and moving.


Beck said...

That's a gorgeous purse!

angeleyes Blue said...

Having 'Irish Twins' 14/15 years ago--I stopped carrying a purse. I did carry a back pack from Africa--It was great and was big enough to carry both kids swim suits and towels.

The kids can NOW CARRY their own stuff. Of course, I don't know about anyone else...but in my house--Has anyone seen my shoes? Mom--Do you know where my tee shirts are? Mom-- Where are some socks. Honey have you seen my Cell Phone?

It seems to be my job to keep track of it all even though I am not allowed in bedrooms or anywhere that I could be accused of intruding on a 14/15 year olds space.

Can't intrude but of course, I SHOULD KNOW where everyone's STUFF is.

Have a great day--:)

Janne said...

Very cute purse!

Janne at
Janne's Jabberwocky

Noodle said...

Cute purse! I love summery purses like that. And I am a self-professed purse hound. LOL!

Katrina said...

My purse probably needs a good cleaning-out, and I'm betting my pile of paper/trash would at least equal yours, but probably would exceed it. :) My philosophy on a purse is that it has to be able to hold a book and a Reader's Digest, plus a container of Cheerios, along with all the normal purse stuff. My purse usually ends up looking more like a tote bag, and I use one until I'm really, really tired of it or until it falls apart. A purse junkie I am not.

That said, your purse is very cute and stylin'. I like it!

Dad said...

I am going to make Susan read this. Since retirement, she has now gone to a really small strap purse that will barely hold her phone, keys, and billfold.

Org Junkie said...

Oh I love this bag Jennifer and what a great clean out! I'm vacationing in Ontario for the next month so I'm a bit behind on my blog reading.

Hope all is well.