Friday, July 13, 2007

Read Together Reviews

This is the official place to link all of your reviews. If you need all the details about the Read Together mission, click the picture above to see the main post.

Each time you discuss a book that you've read with your child(ren), write a post either reviewing the book, or sharing something you discussed or learned with your child(ren) through the process. My first post follows as an example.

Then, link the post here by August 26. Link directly to the post, and include the name of the book in parenthesis, so that people can browse if they'd like. For example: Jennifer (Ella Enchanted and Nancy Drew).

On August 27, I will post the winners of the prizes. Multiple posts (of chapter books) do qualify you for multiple entries into the drawing.

Amanda and I are still plugging along on our read-aloud of Nancy Drew. Having VBS in the evenings this week has slowed us down. Also, this does not really fit my criteria for a good book to read aloud, which is namely short and a story that moves pretty quickly. But she specifically wanted me to read my first Nancy Drew, so I am. I have been very impressed that she has already read through so many of these, because the vocabulary is very advanced. Her contextual reading skills have always been good, so I guess it doesn't slow her down. We have stopped and discussed certain words as we are reading aloud, so it's offered me good insight into her vocabulary level.

However, we did both read Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. I read it first, and then she read it. It was a well-crafted story, and appealed to Amanda because of the suspense, I think. The last part of the book was really a page-turner, because I wanted to see how Ella would fare. Also, as the Cinderella link became more and more obvious, it made me marvel at the author's ingenuity. I tried to use some of the "deconstructing" techniques from this book. We discussed themes a bit, but I think that I might use one of the books that serves as a detailed example in the book so that I get a little help until I am a bit more comfortable with the process.

It's that simple. So if you've already completed a book, go ahead and link up now if you'd like.


alisonwonderland said...

my daughters and i enjoyed Ella Enchanted very much. i even liked the movie - although i waited to see it for quite a while after i read the book because it isn't true to the story and i didn't want to hate it. :o)

Karlene said...

I just noticed that I was supposed to be leaving comments when I added a new review. I've done four: Uglies, New Moon, Pretties, and HP #7.

Two of my daughters are reading with me: Megan (16 year old) and McKenna (25 year old). It has really been such fun to read the same books and then talk about them.

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

I just remembered I needed to post a review of one of the books we read together this summer. We read a lot of books as you will see in my review.

The book I wrote the review on happens to be the one my children asked me to read a few times before we had to return it back to the library. I am going to have to get that book for our home library because we all enjoyed it.

my review is up at:

Read Together- Armadillo Rodeo

alisonwonderland said...

thank you, jennifer, for this challenge! we had limited success with what we originally planned to do - but we still had a lot of fun and i'll look forward to more reading with my kids in the coming school year, as well as next summer.