Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to School, Hormones, and Sunglasses

What in the world kind of title is that? What could all of these things possibly have in common? Read on.

Amanda goes back to school a week from tomorrow. I'm excited for her, but I always feel a bit anxious about all of my summer plans that went undone, in addition to the fact that back to school also means back to Bible study and other planned activities for the year, so I feel like I need to have my act together (which is what causes the anxiety since I do not have my act together).

This year, Kyle will be joining her. He is going to a three-year-old preschool program two afternoons a week. I am envisioning enjoying a Panera experience all by myself at least one day a week. I am not one of those moms who gets excited about having child-free time so that I can clean out a closet or do a deep house-cleaning (see above about not having my act together). Kyle and I have enjoyed reading Jane Yolen's newest book How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? to remind him of how a young boy is supposed to behave at school. It hasn't hurt Amanda any to hear it either. You can find my full review along with two other Jane Yolen picture books here.

Women are hormonal. I know that mine are always in flux, and as I get--ahem--older, new issues continue to crop up. There's nothing like having wrinkles, acne, and hormone-induced monthly headaches to deal with all at once. Check out my reviews of two books: Lean Mommy as well as Hormone, Health, and Happiness if you are looking to get a handle on some of your Mommy health issues.

I was also able to try out a really handy product, called the SportLOOP to help keep track of my sunglasses. I am a cheapie sunglasses wearer, and that suits me fine. At first I was unconvinced that this was necessary, but you can read my review to see how it turned out. You can also enter to win one for yourself.

Did you find the common denominator? You can head over to 5 Minutes for Mom to read my reviews and enter giveaways for all those products! Do you have any gut reactions to back to school, hormones, or sunglasses?


Katrina said...

I remember my first child-free Panera outing when Camden started preschool -- it was wonderful! I have a few more years before I get another one when Logan heads off to school. Enjoy a bagel and coffee for me!

And yeah -- looking forward to child-free time so I can clean? That doesn't really happen here.

Corinne said...

Hi, Jennifer - thanks for the reviews. I know what you mean about not having it together. This is our last week before school starts, too and I am nowhere near as organized as I planned to be. (But am I cleaning? No, I'm blogging!) Have a great week!

Susanne said...

I will definitely have to check out the hormone health one. For sure.

And if it makes you feel better, I do not have act together either. ;v)

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I certainly have some gut reactions to hormones, or lack thereof. LOL But we won't go there. I don't want to scare you.


Gina Conroy said...

My boys have been at school all week after homeschooling for 3 years! It's amazing how much peace there is in the house! :)

I'm really enjoying connecting with my daughter. She's really needed alone mommy time and she'll get it three times a week. I'm looking forward to 6 hours a week by myself and I will not spend it cleaning or shopping, that's for sure!