Friday, August 17, 2007

Effective Parenting in a Defective World

I received Effective Parenting in a Defective World for review from White Post Media. It's a Walk Thru the Bible resource. The tagline is "how to raise kids who stand out from the crowd." Yes, the principles taught do demand for parents to set standards in the home. They are expected to model appropriate behavior, and yes, consistently discipline. But the end goal is not to have cookie-cutter perfect little children running around. The goal is to raise children in the image of Jesus Himself. Just thinking about this principle will help me in making decisions about what I should allow or encourage or deny in my children's schedules.

Chip Ingram, who leads each of the nine thirty-minute DVD teaching sessions, is an effective communicator. He is neither too showy nor too stodgy. His outline is clear and the blanks in the participant workbook are enough to hold one's interest, but not so much that you can't just concentrate on the message.

There are several things that appeal to me about this series:
  • the subject matter is practical with at goal that interests every parent: effective parenting
  • the material is nothing revolutionary and off-the-wall, but it is more substantive than simply a pep talk
  • the cost is reasonable for an Adult Sunday School or Small Group, but would also easily be distributed among a group of 6 or 8 women who could perform this study while kids were at school ($99.95)
  • the material can be effectively covered in one hour
  • no leader is needed--Chip Ingram issues clear instructions for group sharing at the end of the DVD session
  • because there is no real homework (although there is a practical behavioral assignment each week, about which you can share with your group), this could easily supplement other Bible study groups and even a somewhat open group like an ongoing Sunday School class
I have benefited just from watching the videos alone without the small group help, but I think that this would be very effective within a group. It would be a wonderful study for couples to do, or even just a group of women friends, as I mentioned earlier, because I think that with honest sharing, not only will you learn from each other, but it's the type of material that can foster friendships and a support network.

After watching the first session, called "Wake Up," I think that most members would be willing to commit to the following eight weeks. I think that most parents think issues like substance abuse and disrespect are things that come when your child reaches their teen years, or at least double digits, but the principles that are taught throughout this series help parents of children of any age lay the proper foundation that will help avoid the rebellion or backlash that often occurs.

I highly recommend this resource.


Katrina said...

This resource sounds really great. I have Chip's book by the same title, but haven't read it yet. (Yeah, I know, books on my shelf I haven't read yet? What else is new?) But I like the idea of going through practical parenting material with a small group as well. Thanks for this review.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

I went over to the website and was wishing they had a video clip! Bummer. Our SS class is always looking for good resources like this. I'll keep this one in mind. Thanks for your review!