Friday, August 03, 2007

Going With the Flow

This has been a great summer so far. It's been a great mix of some scheduled activities for Amanda, so she doesn't get bored too quickly, and downtime. Downtime means that the kids can sleep late if they are so inclined, or in Amanda's case, she can lounge in bed and read for 45 minutes after she wakes up, and then lounge in her pajamas another hour after that. It also means that at least one or two days each week we try not to leave the house (This causes my husband great concern: "Shouldn't you go somewhere?" "Uh--no, we shouldn't, but thanks for your concern.").

One of Amanda's goals for the summer was "Swim More." It's good to have a goal. Getting your multiplication tables down to lightening quick speed to make fourth grade math more manageable? Nah. Swim More. I think that she also wanted to read something like 10,000 pages, and I actually think she's closing in on that goal. I've done my level best to make her swimming goals a reality. We left our in-ground pool in Houston three years ago. The last two summers here, we didn't swim too much, mostly because I had a one year old and then a two year old. So, I agreed that was a good idea. I think that we've managed to be in the water at least once a week, which is a marked improvement.

When a friend called today at 1:30 and asked if we would like to come swim in her pool--right now--I said yes without hesitating. Nevermind that we had already been out blueberry picking with friends, and had just returned home an hour before, and Amanda had to be at soccer camp at 5pm. I got everyone dressed and gathered the supplies, and we were out of the house in about thirty minutes (which could have been quicker if I didn't have to search for Kyle's swimsuit. I found one, and I still have no idea where his other one is). I was getting my suit on and Amanda yelled up the stairs, "Mom, you don't have to put your makeup on, because we are just going to get in the pool as soon as we get there." I guess she had not noticed my summer beauty routine, which has not involved much makeup--certainly not on the stay-at-home downtime days, and not on the picking blueberry mornings. I assured her that I was just putting my swimsuit on and she could go get in the car. I enjoyed catching up with my friend, and her pool was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. We all got some exercise and a little sun and had a great time. I'm glad that I could be flexible and spontaneous.

We're leaving on vacation tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a great mix of some scheduled fun and some relaxation on the beach and by the pool as well (and as a note to the ring o' thieves, there will be a house sitter/dog sitter staying here). Of course we will have the trusty laptop and WIFI, but I will still be a little scarce.


katrina said...

I like your approach to summer (perhaps because it sounds much like mine!). And good for you for being so flexible today and picking up to go swimming!

Stephanie said...

I've purposely arranged my schedule to be home 2-3 days a week. I NEED it.

Have fun on vacation.

Susanne said...

Swim more sounds like a wonderful summertime goal to me.

Have a great vacation.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Have a great trip!

Org Junkie said...

Have a fantastic vacation! I'm sure enjoying mine :)


Andrea said...

Have fun!!
I love spontaneous swimming days!

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Tell Amanda that her "Aunt Lindsey" in NC agrees with her wholeheartedly. SWIM MORE.

My goal for the summer is BEACH MORE.

Well, this move and mono really wiped out our summer at the beach, but hey, I can plan goals for next summer.

Amanda is a good girl. Smart and knows what she wants! yay for that!

Camiseta Personalizada said...
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Lori said...

Jennifer, we too have been doing a lot of SWIM MORE this summer and I too have been more spontaneous in going with the flow this summer. I can honestly say this has been our best summer so far. I love stay-at-home days too - we finally had one jsut this past week and it was SO nice.

Enjoy your vacation!

Kathleen Marie said...

I must say I envy your balanced summer a bit. Mine has basically been work, work and more work but camp work does have it's pluses I must admit.

God Bless!