Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Potty Training with Pull-Ups

Since I've been writing a bit (obsessively) about potty training, someone from Huggies contacted me and asked if she could send me some samples of Pull-Ups Training Pants. I was thrilled, because I have used training pants throughout my potty training experience. I've always used them at night and naptime (especially since Kyle is still in a crib), but I also use them when we are going to be in the car for hours at a time, and a speedy trip to a potty isn't always convenient. I also had him wearing them at church or when a friend was watching him, because I figured that an accident should not be their problem. While Kyle has been physically ready (with long periods of dryness during the day) ever since we started training in April, he still had yet to ever tell me that he had to go (unless he was telling me as he was going). So, I didn't trust him. Pull-Ups were a great back-up. I know that some people think that using them slows progress, but Kyle's issue has never been that he didn't want to be wet. In fact, a time or two, he did not even come tell me after he had an accident. What I especially like are the learning designs variety, because then I can tell if he did actually stay dry, instead of being uncertain if they were a little wet or not.

I was all ready to make a grand announcement this week. On Saturday we were sitting at dinner, and all of a sudden Terry left and took Kyle to the bathroom. He had told him that he needed to go! For three days, he continued to tell us he needed to go, and he may have only had one accident. He was wearing Pull-Ups all this time (since we were on vacation and a possible progress delay far outweighs the inconvenience of dealing with wet pants away from home). Yesterday and today did not go as well, but he's still telling us more than half of the time in advance, and he goes willingly when we suggest it.

So, no grand announcement, except that we have taken another step towards being trained which gives me a bit more confidence that he will not still be in diapers when he gets married.

I would also like to say that I have had great luck potty training away from home. It was April, five weeks before he turned three, and we were going to be visiting my family in Texas when I finally decided to make a full-on effort at training him. An obstacle to me being at home was my schedule, which is not too busy, but does involve several times during the week when I'm away from home and he's in someone else's care. I didn't want that to impede me, or to have to leave him with someone (at church or a sitter) and expect them to do the hard work of the first few weeks. So being with family and having no schedule or excuses or distractions of home really helped me to focus on it. It worked. We had a good start!

A little over a month later, we went to Hershey Park. Again, I of course had him in Pull-Ups, since he was still not consistently dry or accident-free, and I did not want to have to deal with it at the amusement park or the campground. It worked SO well. I don't think that he had any accidents there, and I was only taking him to the bathroom when we went throughout the day. It was so much more convenient than having to change a diaper, yet the Pull-Ups removed the early-potty-training anxiety and urgency.

And now, 3 1/2 months later, in what I hope is our final stage, I went back to the Pull-Ups almost full time on this vacation, and we had yet another breakthrough. I don't know if it's the lack of my anxiety that helps him to do it himself, but I honestly see an improvement when I have the safety net of the training pants. And as a big bonus, I don't have wet pants, underwear and carpet to deal with either.


Stephanie said...

I think there was an unannounced "Pee Theme" for today. = ) My oldest was 3.5 before he decided being wet was NOT good. It took him another 6 months to master the skill of going to the toilet alone. We are still working on waking up dry every morning. But at 4 he's a "big" boy so Pull-Ups are out.

I use White Cloud's version for my 2.5 year old. But, I've found it's possible for the carrots to still be there in the front and he's dripping wet out the back. Girls probably don't have that problem. = )

One thing I've learned: potty training is a journey not a destination.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Hooray! That's a huge step! I am also a fan of Pull-Ups for convenience. There are some times when you just don't want to have an accident. I know some people think you can't train with them, but I felt they were a great convenience when we were in that transition phase. Great job Kyle!

Beck said...

Kids toilet train when they're ready, I think. I've been considering putting The Baby into pull-ups for the day.

angeleyes Blue said...

When my kids were younger, many years ago--they are teens now i found that Habit training was the easiest.

Think about it. Most people go when they get up in the AM--usually around the same time. My 2 would use the bathroom when they got home from school and one time before they went to bed.

As a teacher for 25 years my bladder was on recess time. i have been retired for 3 years and i still feel the need to go to the bathroom at about 10:15 every morning--recess time.

I always found it easy to put them on the potty when they got up in the AM and then right before lunch. I would always have them use the bathroom right after their nap and then again right before they brushed their teeth at bed time.

Pull ups are a great tool. It sounds like you all are doing great! The best advice I EVER got re: all this was RELAX--No body ever starts college in diapers. It will happen when it happens.

Barb said...

We're going to be starting this soon with Cameron. And I'm pretty sure Krissy will use Pull-Ups. I think they're a great idea. Too bad they weren't available way back when I was potty training my daughters.