Thursday, August 30, 2007

What Are You Studying in the Word?

Do you have the kind of friends who will ask you that question, point blank? I do, and I’m so glad. I have really come to value spending time in God’s word: on my own with only the Bible, going through a study by myself, or using a study and meeting with a group. Regardless of the poor habits I fall into at times, back-to-school always reminds me to get back to the important ritual of Bible study. Circumstances, schedules, or personal preference might prevent us from joining up with a group (which is personally my favorite way to study since it enables me to fellowship, be held accountable to do the study, and learn from the others in the group), but there are many great stand-alone resources available for everyone at reasonable prices.

I will be starting Bible Study Fellowship again in a couple of weeks. This year's study is Matthew, and if you are looking to join a group study, consider this your personal invitation. I enjoy it because it is in-depth, yet easily accessible even to those who have never really studied the Bible (especially the study in Matthew). Classes will be starting worldwide after Labor Day. I plan on blogging through my study again, as I did last year with Romans (but hopefully I'll get into a better schedule of posting, so that I don't get out of rhythm by being too far ahead or behind).

I have reviewed three Bible study books on 5 Minutes for Mom today, as well as a free online study that is available for all. There are giveaways, too, so please click on over! I generally try to work through something on my own in addition to participating in an organized class, and studies like this are perfect for that.


Corinne said...

Funny how back to school time does that! I'm starting BSF again too on the 10th. Every summer (at the beginning) I have big plans of working through a study on my own over the summer. Then about August I am so desperate for BSF to start again to give me the structure and accountability. Glad to see you'll be blogging though the study - it'll be like we're in the same group!

Lisa said...

Hi Jennifer. Our church has a women's bible study, but not a faithful child care provider and having 4 homeschooled kids means I'm out of the loop there. I join in Bible study discussions on message boards and I share with my friends what God is placing on my heart through the studies as well as blog about them. I look forward to reading what you share from your classes. ((Hugs))


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Sounds good. I'm in the middle of studying James on my own, and with teaching adult Sunday School, I'm afraid to commit to another study.

I can't wait to read your insights, though!

Susanne said...

Our ladies bible study will be starting up again right away. And I'm going to be going through a study of praying the names of God on my own.

Katrina said...

Our closest BSF is an hour away, but I wish it was closer as I hear how much you love it. I'm supposed to be studying Luke in a CBS (community Bible study) this year... if Logan lets me!

Jennifer said...

Enjoy Matthew...I enjoyed it so much when I did it years ago, and I got so much out of it. I really miss going to BSF, but this is not the season for it for us right now. I look forward to seeing you post about the study!

Helen said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for your post on "5 Minutes for Mom" and the mentioning of the Coffee Cup Bible Studies. This sounds just like what I'd love to have and I ordered some of them today.

Would have never found them without your review.