Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Embrace Childhood

Kim of Kim and Jason's Escape Adulthood enterprise recently sent me an email saying that I had not replied to her email that she sent five months ago alerting me to the fact that I had won a contest after leaving a comment on the blog. How nice is that? I know how hard it can be to track down winners, since I have to gather addresses from several winners each week from my 5 Minutes for Books column. So, I now have a $20 gift certificate to their store, appropriately capturing the child with the name: Kim and Jason Lemonade Stand. I visit their blog on occasion, and they also have a podcast that I try to listen to every now and again. But now they've entered the public service realm, warning people against the dangers of adultitis:

As far as an adultitis diagnosis, I think I'm free and clear if a chief indicator is ice cream consumption--I have no problem with the ice cream eating, or enjoying other childhood foods such as hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, and even the occasional peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

In raising my children, I realize that they give me many chances to escape adulthood. I can play with trains and build with blocks. I can read barnyard books and make the sounds with gusto. I can sing along with Bob and Larry. However, being a mom also brings out the adult in me--that adult who I think might suffer from an advanced case adultitis. I don't mind having to make the hard decisions and I don't mind being unpopular, but what I don't like is that mean impatient mommy voice that screams adulthood.

I once read that the reason that we get frustrated and impatient with our children is that we do not allow or excuse childish behavior. They are children. They will make mistakes and poor judgment calls. I especially have to keep this in mind with Amanda, who is growing up, and yet is still a child. What's even worse is when I squash childlike behavior--being silly, being loud, or dreaming dreams. Of course there is a time and a place for everything, but there certainly is a place for being loud or silly or impractical.

Yesterday I did several things that were childlike:
  • Watched the parade and cheered at the man on stilts and clapped with glee when he used a giant hula hoop and then even jumped through it (like jumping rope)
  • Later at home we all ended up doing cartwheels in the front yard (including Terry), when Kyle was trying to reenact the ones he saw that morning. I even managed a round-off, which impressed Amanda (and me!). Turning cartwheels and doing backbends in my front yard was a favorite childhood pasttime.
I am happy to report that I only have Stage 1 Adultitis. You can do a self-diagnosis by taking this short quiz HERE. If you do, let me know your results, and join me in trying to embrace the fun of childhood.


Org Junkie said...

How fun! I would love to have seen you doing a cartwheel, how impressive. I tried not that long ago and threw my back out, not one of my prouder moments :)

angeleyes Blue said...

Good Morning Jennifer--Cute video. I need to comment on this...I only eat icecream when I am pregnant. It has never been a passion of mine except when I was pregnant for 2 years, many many years ago. --Still not an icecream eater. Now chocolate is another story. Have a great day :)

Jason of Kim & Jason said...

Jennifer--cool blog! I love the deisgn! I once heard a mom say that having kids was the fast track to developing Adultitis. Being a parent brings to the forefront the challenge of distinguishing between being childLIKE and childISH. It seems from this post that you're doing a pretty dang good job of keeping the two straight! Nice job!

Beck said...

Stage TWO! Oh no!

Lee said...

I LOVE this! What a great and funny reminder to live a little lighter. Good find.

DAD said...

At my advanced age (on Sat, at least), still only Stage 1. You are probably surprised that I am that mature.

Katrina said...

Oh my goodness -- cartwheels? I lack the flexibility these days, but I used to be quite the round-off-performing cheerleader. I even did back walkovers and front handsprings "back in the day." Unfortunately, if one of my kids wanted to see me do something like that these days, I think I'd end up in the hospital or at the chiropractor. :)

Cute video. I'm off now to take the quiz.

Katrina said...

Okay, I'm back. I am surprised yet pleased to announce that I am adultitis-free. I suspect there are aspects of my life the quiz did not explore, areas in which I act far too much like a stodgy, old grown-up.

As an aside, my very favorite possible answer in the quiz was "a dead tortoise." I didn't pick it, but I wanted to, just because it made me laugh.

Heather said...

Love it! Thanks for introducing me to them.

Julee Ann said...

Bingo! I found you through callipidder days. And then I clicked onto Kim and Jason. . I've put you all in my favorites and deleted some old never updated boring blogs. I feel like I've hit the blogging jackpot tonight. Nice to meet ya!

Stephanie said...

Cartwheels? OWWW!! I think I pulled something just thinking about it. Now ice cream is another story!! In a cone OF COURSE! And we had hamburgers for supper tonight. = ) Not that I was avoiding cooking "real" food or anything.

Jen Rouse said...

Oh dear. I'm in stage 2!

I never could do cartwheels, even when I was a kid, though my mom tried and tried to teach me. Maybe that's my problem. Lack of cartwheels in my life.