Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy Birthday

Two of my favorite relations are celebrating birthdays this weekend.

Today Amanda is nine! Tomorrow my dad will be, well, he'll be older. I thought that I would post some pictures of them together, and specifically tell what makes them special, as a little birthday retrospective. I will start off in the year 2001, because I am lazy and that is as far back as my digital diary goes.

Family and friends are important to my dad. Each year he goes to New Braunsfels with friends and those friends who have been around so long that they are like family. We've joined them a time or two, and Amanda hopes to be able to join them this summer, even though we no longer live in Texas.

Summer 2001: Dad, Terry and Amanda in the Guadalupe River

Another way that Dad shows his love of friends and family is taking an interest in my friends. When my Stealth Roommate (as I've coined her on the blog) came to visit us that same summer, he wanted to be able to see her and her kids, so we all met at Krispy Kreme. I can also say that Amanda shares his outgoing and friendly nature and openness to meeting and accepting new friends.

Dad, son of SR, Amanda, baby son of SR, and SR herself

This picture is one of my favorites and needs no explanation about why I love these two characters.

Thanksgiving 2002

Amanda is a great big sister, and Dad is a great grandpa (Pops).

Just days after Kyle was born, 2004

Even when we have lived away from Houston, Dad and Susan have still been actively involved in our lives. Because of Susan's active fall work schedule, they knew that they needed to squeeze in a quick visit so that they could see us and our new home before she got too busy. They visited only a couple of weeks after we moved in!

October 2004

Dad loves me and his grandkids, but he had to take what he could get there. He also knows how to pick 'em. Susan is a wonderful addition to our family as well, and is a great "grandma."

Amanda and Tutu, February 2005 on a visit to Houston

Dad showed his sacrificial side when he and Susan came to take care of the kids for five days while Terry and I went to Paris. Amanda was sick from day two to five, but in our quick emails back and forth, he didn't even tell me this, because he knew I would worry. Amanda showed her mettle as well. She does pretty well on her own, and during that time, she was okay without Mommy.
April 2006


Org Junkie said...

Very sweet, happy birthday to them both!


Katrina said...

Aw, what a sweet post, and wonderful pictures! Happy Birthday to Amanda and to Jennifer's Dad!

Beck said...

Happy birthday to your dad - he sounds like a wonderful man.

DAD said...

Great tribute to all of us. I am 65 today, but I sure do not feel old (you were nice and did not give the age). Hope to go hike a few miles today.

martha, stealth roommate said...

Happy Birthday Stan! You were always the best when you came to Aggieland (and you don't look a day over 45(! Happy Birthday Amanda too! I remember when you were born and coming to visit you! What a great tribute! I feel important since I got in your blog! Hannah is wondering why she's not in the pic, but you can't tell by the back of our heads! So glad I checked your blog today!

Dana said...

Great blog! Happy Birthday Stan and Amanda.

At A Hen's Pace said...

Awww, happy birthday to them both!

My daughter turned five the day before!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to the two.I hope the day is wonderful.Enjoy the cake.

Joyful Days said...

Belated Birthday wishes to Amanda and your dad. What a lovely post!