Monday, September 24, 2007

Some Things I Like

Brandi at Lone Star Latte N Libre asked me if I would be willing to share some of the podcasts I enjoy, since I mention them frequently. I'm always willing to share my opinions on things, so please feel free to ask!

I thought I would go above and beyond what she asked and share a few things that I've been enjoying in several categories:


I subscribe to more than this, but these are the ones I am most apt to listen to each week. You can search itunes for any of these, or google them so that you can download them on your computer:

Breakaway Ministries is a student ministry at Texas A&M. I think that when I was there, it wasn't such a big thing, or perhaps I was just totally out of it, but I think that around the time I left ('92), it was really taking off. Family Life Today recently the leader Ben Stuart on, so I decided to take a listen. I've heard the first three weekly sermons for this year, and I've been blown away. He's funny, but he challenges those students (and old grown-up students listening on the podcast), and actually teaches some pretty serious doctrine. All the Aggieland references are just an added bonus for me. There is one 35 minute podcast a week.

I appreciate Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine because everything is presented within the context of a strong Christian Worldview--from parenting, to marriage, to stewardship to communication and service. It took me a while to get used to their style, but it's now one of my first listens. Two great recent series included a week with Gary Thomas discussing his Sacred Parenting book and a week with pastor Tommy Nelson and his wife discussing depression (which I almost didn't listen to, since I'm not prone to depression, but I'm so glad I did). This is a 25 minute daily podcast. I usually listen to 2 or 3 at a time.

I've mentioned HomeWord with Jim Burns a lot (click my ipod label below to read some thoughts based on his podcasts). He interviews some great authors and sometimes after hearing the interviews I want to go read the book, but other times I'm able to simply put into practice what I hear on the podcast. Jim's ministry is dedicated to helping and reaching families, and so as the host, he puts everything into that context. This is a daily 20 minute podcast.

Katrina recently turned me on to Radio Lab and Pediacast. Radio Lab is an NPR broadcast that examines certain topics in depth, such as sleep. They are fascinating! I especially enjoyed the one on morality and the one on time still has me thinking. The shows are about 40 minutes long, and I haven't really figured out the frequency yet. I think that a new one comes out less than once a week. Pediacast is interesting, and the pediatrician host Dr. Mike is easy to listen to and explains things clearly--both the hows and the whys. However, because it's a full hour long each week, I honestly don't usually listen to it all the time.

I really enjoy NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me news quiz show. It's like in college when I used to get most of my news from Saturday Night's Life Weekend Update. Sad, but true. Much of my knowledge about foreign or domestic policy comes from people like Mo Rocca and Tom Bodet discussing it in a very tongue-in-cheek manner. This show is about 40 minutes, once a week.

Car Talk is another NPR favorite. No, I'm not a car junkie. I don't fix my own cars and I don't really care what's wrong with someone else's car, but these guys make me laugh! This used to be a show that you had to pay to subscribe to, but it's recently been offered for free on itunes. This show is about 50 minutes once a week.

I told Brandi that she should post some of her favorites as well, and she did, so check out her list as well.

Children's Television:

No one asked, but I'm always good for an opinion. Kyle has been watching two of the new PBS shows, Word World and Super Why. They both teach phonics and spelling/word formation in a creative and interesting way, around some type of story. And what's even better? There's no annoying striped green creatures of unknown origin and super-long arms singing "There's a party in my tummy." I'm happy that Little Bill is back on Noggin as well.

Grown-Up Television:

Honestly, with all the reading and reviewing and trying to maintain a blog and keep up with others, TV has all but disappeared around here. I don't watch it in the daytime, and in the last couple of years as our favorite shows went off the air, we just stopped watching them. However, I viewed several episodes of House on a couple of airplane trips last spring, and was hooked. I finished watching the season and this summer I watched season one on DVD. Yes, he pushes the envelope, and he's a bit grumpy. But there's something about it I really like. The new season starts tomorrow, and I'm excited. Terry won't even watch it with me because he says all that hostility just makes him too uncomfortable--that and he's never liked medical dramas, because he's never sure when someone's intestines are going to show up in a full-screen shot.

I'm editing this to add that I also really enjoyed watching Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader with Amanda last Spring. Then it went off for the summer, and since the TV isn't on that much (well, it IS on a lot for sports and children's programming--I'm just not watching it), I keep forgetting to tune in, but I'd like to get back in that routine of watching with her.

What are some of the things that you've been enjoying lately?--books, movies, TV, music, podcasts--it's all fair game.


Org Junkie said...

Dancing with the Stars!! I'm so addicted to this show and after tonight's premiere I'm more excited than ever to keep watching. Yeehah!

I suppose that (and a few other shows) explains why I don't ever get around to listening to podcasts unfortunately.


Katrina said...

Some comments on your favorites:

I really enjoyed the Family Life Today series with Tommy Nelson -- thanks for letting me know about that one.

Also, I'm glad you're enjoying RadioLab! I think they do about 5 per "season," and then have two or three seasons a year? I don't know, I could be wrong, but I think they'll come in spurts or something.

Pediacast -- Dr. Mike changed his format last week and this week -- he's going to try to break them into several smaller episodes every week, so you can choose what to listen to or not, or easily do it in smaller chunks.

We just caught Word World for the first time the other day, and Logan thought it was fascinating, even though he's a long way from phonics. And please don't mention Yo Gabba Gabba ever again, or I might have to stop being your friend.

I will now stop taking up all your comment space. :)

MommySecrets said...

My husband & I really like listening to Tommy Nelson (Denton Bible Church in TX) and John Piper (Bethlehem Bible Church in MN)

Listening to sermon series together has really enriched the spiritual part of our marriage. We can snuggle on the couch and listen to a sermon mid-week. If you find a preacher/teacher you like, it's great to listen and learn!