Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Wedding

I don't know if you missed me this weekend, but I wasn't here. Terry's brother got married, so we left town early Friday morning and returned home Sunday night. I like attending weddings, although I'm glad I only get the "opportunity" once a year or so. I like reflecting upon and my own marriage vows, sharing in the couple's entrance into a lifetime of the old ball and chain wedded bliss, and of course the chance to get dressed up, socialize with friends or family and partake in the good food (and it was good!). So, I'll summarize my thoughts with a few photos and captions:

I like to get someone to take a picture of us as a family whenever I can--especially if we're all dressed up. Kyle was obviously not in the mood to say "cheese."

This is Kyle's regular cheesy grin. I think that they both looked stunning, if I do say so myself. Kyle behaved in a way that I could not even have dreamed. He stayed seated in his chair beside me, and if he just had to talk, he used the whisper voice that we had practiced all morning. Another thing that he really appreciated about the wedding ceremony was that the pastor was going for a few laughs (and got them). As the guests laughed, Kyle would look at me and give a big guffaw as well. In addition to some lighthearted moments, the ceremony was a very personal and beautiful testimony to their love and commitment to each other.

Sarah and Kevin both looked stunning as well. Here's Sarah showing one reason why we like her--she tried to copy Kyle's trademarked grin so that this photo would fit in with the others in our home.

Amanda is at the age where brides are about the most glamorous thing in the world. Even though she's not as caught up in the Disney-ized romance that is presented even to preschoolers, she got all dreamy when we talked about the wedding that week: "I wonder what Sarah will be wearing. I bet she'll look really pretty." After the wedding as we saw Kevin and Sarah making their way to the group at the reception, Amanda could hardly wait to see her.

Kyle got to see Uncle Kevin, too.

Here's my niece Paige occupying herself with one of the cameras that was placed on the tables for the guests to use. At two, she didn't really care if it clicked or not, but unfortunately, Kyle did. Kevin and Sarah will probably recognize the pictures that he took of our table.

I love cake-cutting pictures. In fact, the portrait that I have framed from our wedding is one very similar to this one. It must be something about successfully tackling that first big project together.

Here's Sarah with her niece. There was LOTS of family talk from both sides about them having a baby. Yes, they are in their thirties, and yes, we did wait a long time for them to actually decide to get married, but give it a rest!

Kevin and Sarah, it hasn't been easy getting to this point, and it may seem like the hard work is over, but in spite of how difficult it seemed to actually get to the wedding day, enjoying a marriage takes continued work and commitment and communication. I've been praying for you, and I will continue to do so. Just because something isn't easy all the time doesn't mean that it isn't one of the best gifts God designed for us.


Stephanie said...

What a great cheese grin!!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! Your family picture looks wonderful, even with the tears. You will look back on that picture and smile!

Dana said...

I have to say that niece of yours is really cute!! You got good pictures, you need to share. Kyle was really good! And Sarah if you read this, it was a beautiful day and you really looked like a storybook bride!

At A Hen's Pace said...

Awww, weddings are so wonderful. Glad you got to enjoy this one so much.

Loved the family picture, tears and all!


Katrina said...

Love the pictures! And your thoughts/sentiments at the end are so good -- it's not always easy, but it is worth the effort. And I instantly like Sarah -- that cheesy Kyle-like grin won me over. :)

dad said...

Good pictures of my great family. You look really thin - way to go.
Looks like Kevin did really well.

HipWriterMama said...

You are so lucky to have the family picture. It's beautiful. I can't remember the last time my family took a picture together. Thanks for the reminder.