Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where Am I?

Do you ever have that feeling when you wake up in the morning? Where am I? or even worse who am I? Sometimes we'd like to be the lazy teenager who could stay in bed with no responsibilities for a couple of more hours, when in fact we are the mom who must arise with a young child, get breakfast ready, and drive another child to her soccer game.

just-jane.jpgIn the biographical novel Just Jane, Jane Austen struggles with who she is (and actually she struggles with where she is as well). Jane Austen is all the rage right now! Several of her novels have been made into movies, there was a recent movie made about her, and I just found out the the The Jane Austen Book Club is also a movie (this book had been on my to-read list for a while, and I wondered why it was suddenly in the stores again. I assumed it was simply because Jane Austen was so hot). However, this book is not just part of a trend. I'm sure that Nancy Moser had been researching and writing this book for many years. I really enjoyed the compelling story and the excellent writing. Click over to 5 Minutes for Mom to read my full review and you can leave a comment to join the throng who has already entered to win a copy.

Where else am I? I'm at Faithlifts today exploring how I feel when I get Busy, Busy. Please click on over and let me know how you manage or scorn your own busyness.

Who else am I? In addition to mom, book reviewer, and devotional writer, I'm going to be taking on more of an administrative role at 5 Minutes for Mom to help Janice and Susan out. They are trying to alleviate some of their busyness, because they are both going to be taking care of newborns in addition to running their business. So, I'll be posting a lot more often over there for at least the next month or so, as well as handling some behind-the-scenes tasks. When we were talking about it Janice joked that people would be wondering who I was--was I the outcast forgotten non-twin sister who has come out of the woodwork?

On Monday we were able to talk on the phone. So do you want to know what she is really like? She is probably a lot like what you would imagine when you think about the website that they have built. I had always had the impression from working with she and Susan on the book column and Faithlifts that Susan preferred to be behind-the-scenes, while Janice took the front-woman role. I only got to talk with Susan briefly at the end of the call, but Janice is indeed a front-woman! I am a fast-talker, but Janice really packs in her words. She is enthusiastic and thoughtful about her business, her son and daughter-to-be, and her goals. It was great to catch up and connect voice-to-voice even though we've been working closely together for the last five months.

I'm happy to expand my role, temporarily or permanently (we will decide that later), and I'm really happy that they are trying to think ahead to the issue of twin mommy business operators having twin cousins.


Beck said...

Good luck with that! It sounds like a really fun challenge.

Katrina said...

You're the perfect person for the job. And if you're looking for some more part-time work, I have a list of phone calls to make and appointments to schedule, but I can't stop coughing long enough to carry on a conversation. What's your hourly rate? Just kidding. :)

Kelly said...

Glad to read your review--I was just looking at this the other day.

Just checking out your older posts for reviews, since I have been out of blogging for awhile:)