Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Game Time is Family Time

I really love the game reviews that are featured at Callapidder Days a few Saturdays a month. Katrina shares games that she and Camden (9) enjoy playing as well as games that are good for she and her husband to play in lieu of watching TV, or a great game that she enjoys to play with a crowd. Well, I'm no Katrina, but she has inspired me. She reminds me that game time is family time. If I consent to playing a game with the kids, I'm proving to them that I'm willing to participate in their interests. So lately Kyle and I play a lot of All Aboard Thomas as a matching game or the Go Fish option (or "No Gold-fish" as he calls it). Hi-Ho Cherrio has made a comeback, and isn't mind-numbingly tortuous for me and is great for his counting skills and fine motor skills.

Amanda's fun now, because she's firmly in that 8 to adult camp, opening up many new doors of gameplaying. When we were at Target recently, I picked up Cinqo (inspired by Katrina's cool description of another take-along kind of game). I like this game. It is indeed portable (and the hard case and dice entertain Kyle when the need arises as well). On each turn, a player is trying to get the most points by either rolling the lowest possible or the highest possible (you add your dice and use that blue scorecard). On each roll, you must save one die. You can also bank other dice which you can save on the next turn if you have no dice worth saving. One tricky element is that there's a die that has an up arrow, meaning you are rolling for a high score, and a down arrow meaning that you are rolling for low score. It also has options of 1, 2, or 3, which also correlates to the amount of points you will earn (that number multiplied by the score on the card). So, if I roll a couple of sixes on the first roll, I'm going to try to go for the high score. However, if the die is a 1 up, I might decide to risk it, to get a 2 or a 3 up. But occasionally that greed leads you to only down arrows as an option, at which point, you have no hope, because once a die is saved or banked, you cannot remove it. For people like me who do not always have other willing game players handy, you can also play solitaire by seeing how many turns it takes you to get to 100.

Do you have fun game time memories or are you making your own? The Toy Industry Association (TIA) is sponsoring an exciting “Play Is Forever” Sweepstakes that combines several of my favorite, gift certificates, and games.

This is an opportunity for contest lovers to share their favorite memory of play – and be entered into a random drawing to win one of 20 $250 certificates redeemable for toys and games on Both kids (age 13+) and grown-ups are invited to enter at

This website offers fun facts and play tips, emphasizing that whether you’re six or sixty, play is a great way to learn about yourself and the world around you. Research shows that play enriches your social skills, supports brain development, and enhances your physical and emotional well-being.

So, click on over to enter to win, but before you do, share one of your favorite family games or adult games, or a favorite game from your childhood.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Let's just say I enjoyed playing games. My hubby did too as a kid. They didn't even own a television, they just played games!

Katrina said...

Ooo -- a game review! Hooray! It won't surprise you to hear that we have Cinq-o. I like it, and I love the portability of it -- the case is perfect and it's easy to pull out and play anywhere. Great review, by the way! :)

Thanks also for the info about the sweepstakes -- I'll definitely check that out later.

As for favorites... that's way too hard. But I will say that when I was growing up, our family loved to play Yahtzee and I have many fond memories of dice-rolling with the whole family.

Jenn in AZ said...

Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! GAMES!!! Yep, I love 'em. Always have, always will, much to my hubby's chagrin. :) You see, one entire HUGE shelf of our linen closet is PACKED with games I can't bear to get rid of and that we do play. It is encroaching upon the next shelf below...yep, a sore spot. He is a patient man. :)

When I was a kid...loved the game LIFE and PAYDAY; Perfection was cool (never owned it, though); Operation was great. When I was in middle-school/high-school liked Trivial Pursuit (though stunk at it!); Win, Lose, or Draw and Pictionary; Bonkers was nice, too. ("Bonkers is fun! Bonkers is nice! Bonkers is never the same game twice!")

Now, my youngest loves Mexican Train Dominoes, Racko, Apples to Apples; middle likes Five Crowns, Parcheesi, Pitch, PIT; oldest likes Cranium (ME TOO!!!), WhoNu, Balderdash, Password--I like ALL of these, plus Canasta, Phase 10, and Mancala (family fave). SET is a cool take-along game, as is Tangram. Hubby is a traditional card game junkie, strategist (Risk, etc.) and Parcheesi--don't ask him to play a creative thinking game...nope, won't do it! (He did once and it has made for GREAT conversation since--hee hee hee.)

Thanks, too, for the other link. Going to it now!

Okay, now that I have written a novel on your comments...I will go. :)