Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just Another Unglamorous Mom

album_cover_imagepreview.jpgI had a great opportunity to do an interview with singer, songwriter, wife and mom Lori McKenna. Her latest project is called Unglamorous. That just made me smile and nod. There's nothing glamorous about mopping floors, wiping noses (or other body parts), losing your cool, or building train tracks.

JD: You’re a wife and a mother of 5. How do you find the balance with a blossoming singing career, and how do you manage all of this with your schedule?

LM: It's taken ten years to convince my family that I have a career! I may be home all day, but I've done 15 interviews on the phone. Working at home is hard! I get a lot done in the morning and when the kids go to bed. I recently hired some help, a nanny to help at home or on the road. Three of my five kids came with me on tour. My mother and mother-in-law are so helpful. The whole family is excited to help because they're excited about what I'm doing.

JD: While I'm sure that you are fueled creatively by your responsibilities and ups and downs of life, I also know that the busyness of my life tends to zap my ability to put two thoughts together. How do you deal with this?

If you are trying to work at home, you should have your own space. Take care of yourself, so you'll be a good mom. When I was younger, didn't believe it, but it rings so true now. My own space helps me to think about my work. I work instead of of sleeping.

JD: How does recording your own songs compare to having someone else make hits of songs you've written?

LM: I've been lucky. The songs have always been performed and interpreted well. I have never been disappointed with any of them. Fireflies by Faith Hill moved me to tears of joy the first time I heard it, because she got it.

See more of my interview (as well as enter to win one of five CD/DVD sets) at 5 Minutes for Mom.


Dad said...

We are impressed with your new career (part time) as an interviewing journalist.

Annie said...

Great interview!