Thursday, October 04, 2007

Not Exactly as Expected

Today I had all sorts of plans, which included a lot of mom-taxi-ing. It has not gone exactly as expected. I woke up early so that I could get Amanda up early so that I could take her to school early for her first meeting of the school newspaper staff. She was not one of the third-graders selected by lottery last year, but this year her number came up. She has been so excited since she found out! This will be a great opportunity for her, being taught by a real-live journalist, producing four newspapers a year that are printed up by our local paper on real newsprint, and using her creativity.

Since she had to be there at 8:00am, I debated whether or not to just come home or have a cup of coffee with Kyle (he likes his light and sweet) before he had to be at preschool at 9:00am. I decided that I would come home, try to clean out some more of the guest room closet and possibly load up the back of the Suburban with things to drop off at Goodwill. After I dropped him off I was going to treat myself to WIFI and coffee at Panera, finish my Bible study preparation, do some real writing and some blogging, and then possibly come home and do some more housework or not.

As soon as I dropped Kyle off, it occurred to me that I had not turned off the sprinkler (our lawn has recently been reseeded). So, I drove back home, since it probably didn't need a good three or four hours of sprinkling.

When I got home, the sprinkler was off.

I decided that it was providential that I was home, so I did thirty more minutes of work in the guest room, and then finally arrived at Panera. I had been there a little more than an hour, finished my Bible study and taken care of some email business when my phone rang.

Kyle had an accident at preschool.

The policy is that the parent has to come and change the child when this happens, so I trundled off to preschool. It was actually fun seeing him sitting in the circle and singing with his friends (good thing he doesn't mind being wet!). When we were in the bathroom they started singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider he said, "Awwww," in a disappointed way, because he was missing it.

Left with an hour and a half before he had to be picked up from the new extended-day program that allows me freedom him to be educationally stimulated from 9 - 1, I decided to return home where I could either write or clean.

You can try to guess which won out.

I'm writing this, and I got to have a nice chat on the phone with my dad. I also tried to put together a very lovely item that had been delivered while I was gone. I am quite excited about this, and I will share in a future post about the results. It will facilitate the cleaning that will continue later.

By the way, if any of you were paying attention (and are still actually reading), Kyle doesn't really drink coffee. I was trying to be funny. Since I don't blog funny, I feel that I should point this out. Maybe I should just add a laugh track or use the drum cue of bad humor: ba-dum-da-dum chsss.


angeleyes Blue said...

Our Son Kevin had an accident in Kindergarten. The school had the same procedure as yours seems to. Kevin was visibly upset. I went and sat down with him and asked him what happened? He told me through the tears that the BIG KIDS wouldn't let him in the bathroom.

I then turned to the new teacher and asked her if she had asked what had happened? She replied--Well No. You shouldn't be sending him to kindergarten unless he is potty trained!

Sparks started to fly---Poor Kevin---Poor new teacher. Score one for mom. :)

My two are now in High School which by the way starts at 7AM. I love it :) It gets them out early and home around 3. I love the high school thing because they insist on walking.

To have mom cart them around is oh so embarrassing! :)

Have a great day :)

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I got the joke! :) Seems like some days are similar to your very good day this week, and others are more along the lines of this one. I guess things can't always go smoothly (then we wouldn't appreciate those special days). Have a good afternoon!

Dad said...

It was a nice talk.

Katrina said...

You do blog funny, and of course, I knew right away that Kyle didn't drink coffee. :) Also, I like your clip-art pictures.

Sorry your day was not as planned -- I know that you, like me, prefer things to go the way we had scheduled them. But it sounds like you were flexible and productive nonetheless. Besides, getting a package that contains an exciting some-assembly-required item is always fun, and can turn even a schedule-breaking day into a treat!

Stephanie said...

I'm totally understanding the accident. My guys don't mind being wet either. I wonder if it's a guy thing?

Susanne said...

I read it but didn't get it as a joke, but then I came up as Winnie the Pooh in the "which 100 acre wood character are you" and he is a little slow. ;v)

Patriot said...

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At A Hen's Pace said...

Okay, I didn't get it. BUT, it has nothing to do with your style and everything to do with my kids thinking decaf coffee with lots of milk and sugar is a treat!



Dianne said...

Oh but you are funny, Jennifer! In your own tongue and cheek way but I got it of course!

Org Junkie said...

Okay I loved your last paragrah, you are too cute!! Sounds like you got a lot done, woohoo!

Anonymous said...

I think you are VERY FUNNY!!