Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Rambling This and That

But first, a winner--three to be exact, for books 3 through 7 in the The Fairy Chronicles series. If you won, I would recommend buying the first in the series, Marigold and the Feather of Hope, because it explains the world of the girl fairies that J.H. Sweet has created. If you didn't win, of course you can check out book one as well. The link will take you to amazon, and I've seen these at bookstores everywhere.

Lauren at Baseballs and Bows
Sisterlisa at Apples of Gold
Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie!

Laura, I have your address, since you won the Beth Moore bag (that I still haven't mailed), but if Lauren and Sisterlisa could send your addresses to me at jennifer (DOT) snapshot (AT) yahoo (DOT) com that would be great.


I am in the midst of trying to make a big change in myself (a very superficial external change, but I'll give more info when the time is right). I used to think that I liked change and accepted it well. I've decided that I'm actually somewhat resistant. I find myself saying things like, "I liked it better before." For example, when I first heard about the new ipod nano with video, I thought that although the price is great, and the video is great, I like the feel of mine 2nd generation nano (not as wide). However, now I'm okay with it, although I don't think I'll be getting a new one anytime soon, since Terry surprised me with mine at Christmas.

When Terry got his new Explorer, the turn signal is way high (at 2pm on the steering wheel). I thought, "That's just not right," even though it actually makes much more sense than having it in the middle. A change yes, but a change for the better (just like the ipod).

Coming from someone who has criss-crossed the United States and lived in five homes, four cities, and three states in fifteen years, it sounds a bit odd to say that I find change hard. I think it's like a lot of things in my life. I'm okay with making big changes. It's the small things that I fight.

Anyway, this superficial change is something that I've felt coming on for a while, but it will take some effort to execute and to maintain.


Fall is finally here in Connecticut (this week anyway), and I've enjoyed curling up with a good book or three (I'm always reading more than one). I was happy to take Amanda to a birthday party across down and sit at Starbucks and read for the hour and a half. It was a great break--almost like a mini-retreat. Good reviews to come here and at 5 Minutes for Books.


Org Junkie said...

Okay this is so my lucky week! Totally makes me feel better after having the flu last week. Thanks so much Jennifer, my daughter will be thrilled. I'm thinking I might just put them away for Christmas.

Okay so this change. You know I'm totally curious now. Don't keep me in suspense! I like change to but "planned" change. I'm not so good at the spring it on me change.

Talk to you later,

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Hooray! I am so excited. I, too, am curious about the change, but I'll just be patient and find out when you are ready to tell!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Oh, DO tell! The suspense is killin' me!

I must admit I'm enjoying the changes I'm seeing with my braces, but then again, that's a VERY BIG superficial change. My next change will be to say goodbye to spider veins. All other superficial changes will have to be to my house.

stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

Okay, so I'm guessing you are going with shorter hair?? :) The only reason I say that is that your line about it coming on for a while, but needing extra effort to execute and maintain is right where I'm at, too, with just cutting mine off. :)

Rachel Anne said...

Hmmm. Change? Don't keep us in suspense for too long!

Katrina said...

The suspense will surely kill me, so please reveal your plans soon!

Sisterlisa said...

Yeah! Thank you so much!!! I think I emailed you already but it's
lisa422 at