Friday, November 16, 2007

Just For Clicks

I recently downloaded a new online browser for kids. It's called Kidzui. It will be released early in 2008, but right now they are looking for 1500 families to try it out in Beta. If you'd like more info, or to download it (it only takes about 3MB), click here.

Have you checked out iMommies yet?? I recently completed a one-week online study for which I was paid $150, simply for filling out one entry a day. I would say that the whole thing took far less than two hours! I just found out that I was accepted into another online study. This one takes place over 6 weeks, during which I have to do a journal entry and questionnaire once a week. The complete time expended is estimated at two hours, and for this I will be paid $60. iMommies is a great resource!

Lastly, do you love to shop online as much as I do? Seriously, answer and let me know. I truly love it. I love the prices, the ability to shop and compare, read reviews, and do all of it without leaving the house (and most importantly without toting along an active three-year-old boy). Have you ever tried ebates? If you use ebates as a gateway for your purchases, you will earn between 3% and 12% of your purchase from stores such as, Toys R Us, Walmart,, Land's End and more. They usually have a $5 refer a friend a bonus, but right now it's $10, which means if you sign up through my link, after your first purchase you will receive $10 in your account. If you tell them that I referred you, I will also receive $10. You can then send personalized emails to your friends referring them and collect your own referral fees if they sign up. My ebates email is jenndon (at) yahoo [dot] com, so if you do enroll, please let them know I referred you. Every three months, you receive either a check or a paypal deposit of the referral fees from your sales.

Speaking of referrals, the amazon button on my sidebar (and found in many other sidebars across the blogosphere) is linked to their referral program, so if you are going to be making a purchase from amazon, I would love it if you originated it here. As long as you place a product in your shopping card after clicking through, I will receive a very small commission.

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Katrina said...

You are a wealth of great online information.

I've recently been doing better at using ebates... I used to be faithful, but had slacked off. But since we do get a good chunk of our clothes from Lands End, it's worth it. I also use it for iTunes whenever I buy/download something there.

Also, I keep meaning to check out iMommies, but I have been delinquent. This week I will, I promise. :)