Thursday, November 29, 2007

Speaking of Laundry. . .

Were we speaking of laundry? Well, I've had laundry on the brain for the last couple of weeks anyway. I got it clean so that I could pack it for our trip, and it went and needed washing again! I think it's done, and it's mostly put away. Katrina's post yesterday about her Three-Basket Laundry System led to an unexpected confession in her comments regarding my own laundry system:

I have a three bed laundry system: clean laundry piled on my bed waiting to be folded, folded laundry piled in the chair at the end of Amanda's bed waiting to be put away, and either clean laundry, unfolded, or a load of dirty laundry that I sorted and didn't get washed yet parked on the guest room bed.

However, as I was spending a lot of time in front of the dryer, I was reminded of a bona fide laundry tip that might be helpful to someone.

I keep an empty tissue box on my dryer. It's perfect for filling with the lint from the lint trap. It doesn't make a mess, I don't have to find a trashcan, and it doesn't end up just sitting on top of the dryer because I was too lazy to take it to a trashcan.

Do you have any simple laundry tips?

What is your strategy for dealing with your nine-year-old's laundry? I used to put Amanda's away (if I was so inclined), but now I just park it in her room, and she doesn't put it away either.


Stephanie said...

I have a laundry basket in each closet rather than a hamper. Always hated those hampers when I was a kid. Also, I put a trash can next to the dryer - but the kleenex box is a great idea if you don't have space. And last but not least, lingerie bags for those pesky socks. If you put them in the bag as soon as you take them off you don't lose them. They stay on the edge of the laundry baskets. In theory no dirty laundry should ever be found on the floor of my home. In theory!

Now clean clothes is a whole other battle!

Katrina said...

This is a fantastic idea. Our washer and dryer are in the basement and there is no efficient trash-collection system down there, so I'm forever shoving lint in my jeans pockets and then forgetting about it. I will definitely put this tip into practice.

As for 9-year-old's laundry... I often put it away while he's at school, but when I want him to put it away (and I should want that more often, I know), I fold it and then put it on his bed (but NOT in the laundry basket). It's too easy to move a basket on to the floor and ignore it, but if I put the clothes directly on the bed, he (theoretically) has to put it away before he can climb under the covers.

Org Junkie said...

Great suggestion! I keep a garbage can in every room of the house pretty much. I line them with grocery bags so that it is quick and easy to change. Oh and as for laundry for a 9 year old, I put it into my daughter's room and she doesn't get to play nintendo ds until it's put away. Works every time :)


Karla E said...

I have a very small little trash can between the washer and dryer...for lint and all those things that end up in little boys pockets, that belong in the trash can not in the washer. Line it with a plastic grocery sack and it's easy to remove.
My 9-year old doesn't typically put away his clothes, but we are trying to do it together occasionally. I need to work on that.

Beth@Sportsmomma said...

I also have a small trash can in the laundry basket. It makes it easier for me to actually clean out the lint filter. My 9yr.old and 10 yr. old put up their own laundry. That's something new we started here at the new house. After I fold their clothes they go in a pile right outside my door. Unfortunately those piles seem to stay around too long. I need to set the no Playstation or Pool or skateboarding- whatever the fun activity of the moment is-until they've put their clothes away!!!