Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Whole New Jesus

I haven't really been blogging my thoughts about my Matthew study as regularly as I had promised. However I have definitely been learning. In the first week of the study, we did a cursory survey of the entire book. In reading it, Jesus stood out. Not just the Jesus that we see in Sunday School pictures, or the one I thought I have come to know in the years since I gave Him authority over my life. He truly defies description or understanding. Even His disciples did not always know what He meant or why He acted in such a way.

Understanding that if I was willing that I could know Jesus Himself in a deeper more complete way by examining His life, words, and actions has allowed me to study this book with fresh eyes. I'm acquiring more knowledge, but most importantly, I am also being made aware of areas in my life that need attention and how following Jesus' teaching and example will result in positive change in these areas.

My prayer life has been profoundly affected. Knowing Jesus more fully always leads us into a better prayer life. You can read more of my thoughts in my Faithlifts devotional from last week, "When You Pray, Say. . . . ". I have instituted some of these practices in my life this week and hope to continue.

Did you ever meet a different Jesus than the one you thought you knew? How did it affect your faith?


Kelly in Michigan said...

I'm in BSF also (CL-in Michigan)

I've been deeply touched this year, so far, in BSF, reading Matthew. I've seen so many things I never saw before, as we slowly go through the Scirpture. I saw, how busy a day in the life of Jesus was. When we wrote out all the things he did in one day alone, I was deeply moved. Jesus got up early to pray, then had many things to do, all day long. Being kind and patient to people he met. Dealing with questions, problems, illness, sadness, diseases, demons. He faced each one with patience and grace. It reminded me to begin my day with prayer, so I have God's grace to get through all I will face. To to about the business of my day with the same attitude Jesus had. To not grow weary. Jesus never had "time to himself" he was always doing his father's work, and not complaining about it. Even at night, people would come to him, after a long day. He still made time for them.

I want to model this behavior too. As mothers and wives, we are so busy. It helped me to see Jesus understands and has been there too.


Katrina said...

We're studying Luke in my Bible study this year, and it has been so wonderful to immerse myself in the life of Christ. So often, I hurry through the gospels, because I "know those stories," but I've been so blessed by lingering this time around.

L.L. Barkat said...

It's true that I meet Him in the gospels. And it never ceases to amaze me how bracing He is, how simultaneously intense and compassionate and wise. It makes me remember why I follow Him, and why I sometimes am afraid to do so.