Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Better Together

Today Kyle and I went out shopping, in a real store instead of in the world wide web. We actually went to four stores over a span of almost five hours. We both held up fine! I was able to cross many names off of my list, so the day was a success.

My friend Lee and I have figured out a secret to shopping at Costco -- go together. The last two times I've gone, she and her son William have met us there. He and Kyle sit side by side in the cart and laugh and entertain themselves, allowing for a much easier shopping experience. She and I are able to talk and enjoy ourselves, even if we are dodging people and waiting in excessively long lines. Plus, I always shop better with someone else -- they help me decide to buy something or not buy something.

And if you're wondering if we are planning more coffee dates, the answer is no.

How is your Christmas shopping coming along?


Katrina said...

Yes, shopping together can be a great thing. And it's not shopping, but I get more time out of a Panera visit with Logan if my friend brings her 6-year-old. Just having another (non-sibling) kid there keeps Logan content longer.

Christmas shopping...almost all done, almost all wrapped. It feels good. :)

martha, stealth roommate said...

Have barely even started. It's hard to get into the season when the temp has been above 70. Maybe next week when we are in the 30s and my son and husband are at camp I'll get more into the mood.

Heather said...

i agree. shopping and gardening--better together.