Thursday, December 13, 2007

Get Out While You Can

I knew that we were going to have a snowstorm today and had anticipated an early dismissal, because the snow was supposed to start around noon. I was hoping to get my last little bit of Christmas shopping done while Kyle was at preschool and Amanda was at school, but when I checked at 7 o'clock this morning, the school districts in the area had already decided to close. We were all up and at 'em by then, so since it was still dry, I decided that we should get out while we could.

We went to K Mart to buy snowpants to ensure ease in cold wet snowplay (I had been to Target last week, and they only had a bad color in Amanda's size, and the ones I bought for Kyle were too big). We also bought some tissues, milk, and brownie mix to get us through the day. It was 8:45 and there was still no snow in sight, so we treated ourselves to Panera. By 9:20, the snow was falling. It was so cold that it stuck right away. Driving home was a little slick. The kids wanted to play in it right away. We got a little snow last Friday, but this is our first real snowfall.

Last year Kyle hardly even wanted to walk in the snow, much less play in it, so I am happy to report that he has figured out that snow + trucks = fun.

We got this little bit in the first hour. After it stopped snowing, they went out and played about an hour before they had to come in to warm up. An hour later a lot more snow was coming down and they went out again. They didn't last as long that time because it was so wet. It's still snowing. It's supposed to warm up tomorrow, so I'm sure that Amanda will be back at school, but I predict a delayed opening, which is actually my favorite call. We get to chill at home for an extra 90 minutes, but we don't get an extra day tacked on the calendar.

Being cooped up today wasn't so bad, but I am glad we had a little early-morning excursion. Of course, I still have to make my shopping trip sometime.


Stephanie said...

Schools around here let out early. We had dentist & eye doctor appointments today. I ran errands in between. It took us an hour to get home from our last stop tonight. An hour for a trip that normally takes 8 minutes!! We could see traffic backed up I95 for miles!! o fun! My guys have been "helping" daddy shovel the driveway.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I'm a little jealous of the snow. It's been in the upper 70's and even 80 this week. Today was 69 and warm breeze. My kids have been asking if the pool is open! Where is my Christmas snow?

It is the ONE thing I dislike about North Carolina.

Org Junkie said...

Gosh my kids would love living there...we get 10+ feet of snow and they still don't close the schools here!! What they wouldn't do for a snow day!!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Glad you enjoyed the snow (and glad my hubby made it out of it)!

Katrina said...

We've had a few snowy days, but not enough has stayed to make Camden think it would be worth it to suit up and go play in it. Logan, on the other hand, giggles with glee every time he looks out the window and sees snow falling. I didn't get snow pants for him this year, but I may end up making an emergency run to Target one of these days.