Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's About Time

Kyle has been completely happy and safe in his crib, but last night due to potty training related conveniences, and the fact that he is three and a half, we moved a bed into his room.

He was very excited. In fact because of the new red flannel sheets, and the chambray blue bedspread, he asked, "It's Thomas??" as he looked under where it was folded back to see if Thomas was a part of the bed spread.

In addition to the fact that I did like him in there, where he was in bed until I let him out, I had also been delaying because the idea is to move Amanda's furniture into his room. That leaves her needing some furniture. I've decided that if someone is going to get new furniture, it should be me, so some shopping and LOTS of rearranging will be necessary to pull off the complete switch. But Amanda has a twin bed on the ground that is part of a loft bed set. She had been sleeping in the one on the ground, but was happy to let Kyle have it for this next step into being a big kid.

Anyway, it went well. He has slept in beds before, so I didn't have to do all the training. He went right to sleep. I told him he couldn't get up until I got him up, unless he had to go to the bathroom (because I didn't want him roaming the halls at 5:45am). I heard him get up before 6:00am and go to the bathroom, and then he went back to bed. By 6:30, he was out of bed, but still in his room. When I went to "get him up," he asked if he could not sleep in his crib anymore (notice I have it there as a safety net), and sleep in his bed ten times. I told him he could and asked if he liked it. "Yes, it was so 'tastic." So I think we'll take the crib down this weekend.

The dog was a bit confused at the change. When I was tucking Amanda into her loft, she came in and wondered where the bed was. We've tried to convince her lately that there is more room on Amanda's bed for sleeping than ours. She usually sleeps in there for an hour or two, and then comes into our room. As I left Amanda's room, I opened the door to sleeping Kyle's room and showed her what happened to the bed. She didn't last an hour, but she tried it.


L.L. Barkat said...

Ah, the bittersweet moves upward and onward. But they both seem suited to it... look at that contentment.

Katrina said...

Aw...Kyle looks all grown up in a bed. So cute about the Thomas...and the " 'tastic ". I'll be in no hurry for Logan to move to a bed, but I know it's a big milestone for them, and I'm glad Kyle made the transition so seamlessly.

Org Junkie said...

Yeah Kyle!! Love the red flannel!

At A Hen's Pace said...

I dig that bright blue wall!

He looks so happy in the new bed.



Anonymous said...

Don't you hate it when they make the 'Change before you'? My kids were alright with moving out of the crib, with potty training before I was ready to move on. I remember my daughter saying at 3 "MOM I got it" You do? Daddy was relocted with his job to another state. I stayed and finalized things in San Francisco and watched the movers load up their truck and leave. We were getting on a plane (Me, Kevin 3 and Kendyl 3) We were going to see daddy in Utah. Our daughter WOULD NOT WEAR her pull ups. She didn't need them. She knew what to do. Breathe Mom Breathe. She had it. We got off the plane and daddy said to our daughter that they would go to the bathroom and change her pull up. She said no daddy I got it! My poor husband looked at me horrified--you travelled on the plane with NO PULL UP?! I timidly said that she had it. That was then that I discovered that she was not a baby anymore and that I had to move forward to keep up.

NOw they are teenagers. My son just completed drivers ed and although he still needs to complete 50 hours with me or dad in the car and then he will need to take a test for his cinderella license He's got it. I don't but he does. He isn't so bad a driver it is just that undying trust thing. I KNOW that I taught my children well. They know right from wrong. They know to stay away from drugs and premarital sex--They got it--I don't but they do.
Breathe Pam Breathe--You did good.

Both of our high schoolers are choosing to go to Winter Church camp again this year up in Denver CO. They are choosing to go the church camp during their winter vacation....In this day and age?! They insist! They got it!

Dianne said...

That is precious. Love the "so 'tastic" comment. That's so 'dorable!