Friday, December 14, 2007

The Pefect Cup

Yesterday while Amanda was home from school and Kyle was napping, we watched some Food Network together. Unwrapped was spotlighting Starbucks in this breakfast food episode. They showed the process that Starbucks goes through before introducing a new drink. It can take up to two years with research, design, testing and then a limited release. I recently tried the Shortbread latte, which was new to me. It does not appear on the beverage lineup on their website, so I think it's in limited release.

I actually love the pairing of a shortbread cookie with a cup of coffee, so I thought I'd try something different. Different it was. It tasted like toffee which wasn't that bad, although it was a little sweet for my tastes, but a few sips into it, I noticed something solid in it--something solid in my coffee. It was shortbread cookie crumbs. Yes, I like a piece of shortbread with my coffee. I might even be known to dunk, although crumbs are honestly a big deterrent to dunking in my opinion.

So, I wasn't a fan, but when I was trying to find out more about the drink and googled it, I did find someone who was. So, I guess it's a matter of taste. In fact, isn't coffee a big subjective entity? What might be too weak for me, is just right for someone else. I love a strong cup of coffee with half-and-half, but my husband only drinks it black. I think Duncan Donuts coffee is a bit bland and watery for my tastes (although I do like their lattes), and many people think that any Starbucks coffee is way too strong.

Actually my favorite cup of restaurant coffee would definitely be Panera. I love the current Holiday Blend. When I go to Duncan Donuts or Starbucks, I prefer a latte to their brewed coffee, but at Panera it's always a mug of coffee -- free refills, and yes, it's served in a real mug. That makes a huge difference to me. In fact, I can't even use a travel mug at home. It's gotta be a real glass coffee mug.

So I guess that's my little coffee quirk. What's yours?


Org Junkie said...

I'm not a coffee drinker but on the days I'm just so tired as I go about my day, that's when I really wish I was!

Stephanie said...

What?! You don't care for Dunkin' Donuts?! Don't you know that blasphemy around here?! = )

Actually I can't stand coffee. I've tried it numerous times and just don't care for it. Tea is another matter altogether. Iced or hot. Flavored. Black. Green. I'll take it. But not without sugar. Unless it's peppermint. Then it's ok. = )

Susanne said...

I wouldn't like the shortbread crumbs in my coffee, either. I love to dunk cookies but always hate the crumbs at the bottom of the cup.

I tried the peppermint mocha the other day. I've never had peppermint in coffee before. It wasn't too bad, but I'd definitely have to be in the mood for it.

stephanie said...

I love love love my special coffee mug in the morning - I have to use the same cup. It's just not the same using a BORING one. :) I'm not sure I would like the shortbread coffee either - I think it would seem like it was dirty or something to me. :)

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Sisterlisa said...

I love Starbuck's Sugar free Cinnamon Dulce Latte and their sugar free Gingerbread latte. I hadn't heard about the Shortbread one, but some of their coffees are seasonal for the holidays.

Heather said...

My favorite coffee is Wawa's, but I can't get that in Texas.
I love pumpkin-flavored coffee. I prefer it roasted into the beans, but I'll take it as a misto!

Katrina said...

This time of year, I am all about the Peppermint Mocha. The people at Starbucks see me far more this time of year, than any other. (I'm SO thankful for the nearby drive-through Starbucks!) When I'm home, I settle for Pepperming Mocha Coffe-Mate in my plain old home-brewed coffee. Once Christmas is past, I'll wean myself back to regular coffee (with cream and sugar).

The shortbread latte sounds like something Chad would like -- crumbs and all.