Friday, January 25, 2008

I Can't Think of a Better Reason

I recently reviewed a savings software program for kids here. Amanda is really enjoying using it. She set a goal for her savings, which helps encourage her to save instead of spend. You might wonder what the goal is.

A trumpet.

Yes, Amanda is saving for a trumpet. When she goes to 5th grade next year, she will be eligible to play in the band. This interests her and the instrument she has chosen is the trumpet. "Why the trumpet?" her father and I (and our ear drums) have asked her.

"It's a great instrument. It's loud and fun, like me!"

But seriously, I've heard that it's a difficult instrument to learn to play. She'll only be ten. Does anyone have any first-hand experience with it?


Katrina said...

Hmm... I have a nephew who attempted the trumpet in 4th grade. Let's just say he was forced to practice in the basement, and that he switched to piano in a year. :)

My dad played the saxophone and my brother took that up in elementary and did well. He was motivated, and I think motivation goes a long way in the world of instrument success.

Good for Amanda for having a goal. That's great!

Stephanie said...

I think a kid in my neighborhood was learning how to play a trumpet a couple of Springs ago...either that or someone was torturing a poor goose! = )

Code Yellow Mom said...

be prepared for at least a year of it sounding like a kazoo underwater (or tortured goose), but starting in 6th and 7th grade, it starts coming together - you'll start recognizing the tunes she's playing and she'll get more dedicated to practicing and learning because she's actually making music.

i played clarinet in school band for six years. it's simpler to get the hang of initially, but all instruments take lots of practice. And are noisy. And eventually, to become really good, private lessons are a definite plus - but you can decide on that as you see Amanda's level of dedication. The great thing about the trumpet is that the brass section gets a lot more melody lines than other sections in the band - that's great for practicing!

Good for her, saving up the money. She love it all the more...

Martha stealth roommate said... know I played the coronet 6-8 grade. It's great to play brass, it's easy to learn, only 3 keys, and you can get her a mute so it's not so loud. Find out if she can try out instruments first. Our middle school lets them try multiple instruments and a professional ranks them and they pick their best. Hannah wanted to play the french horn but it was easier for her to play the oboe and that is what she is playing! (not liking it any more though) Michael will be trying instruments this spring, he is hoping for the trombone which will be fine because he has mushy lips and that's what Steve played!

At A Hen's Pace said...

The trumpet or cornet is a great instrument because they do get so many melody lines--and believe me, that's much easier to listen to than constant practice of harmony lines that don't sound like anything.

It's not hard because fingerings are so simple, but she should practice regularly to build up and maintain her "lip" (or embouchure--it's the muscles around the mouth) because getting the right note on a trumpet depends as much on that as on the fingering.

I played sax and oboe myself, but always wished I had played the trumpet. :) Brass is just...brassier and bolder. I think your daughter has good instincts!!


Gillian said...

Having played brass for a few years myself, and now also teaching, 10 years old is a great age to start as children's adult teeth have mostly settled.

Everyone else has given great reasons to play trumpet, so there's not much more to add, except to say, it's a whole lot easier to teach when the child has chosen the instrument they want to play, rather than their parents :) So go for it Amanda!

Trumpet is also versatile enough to be played in marching band, concert band, orchestra, jazz band, brass band, quartet, quintet...

L.L. Barkat said...

What a great explanation for why the trumpet. In fact, we kind of guided our own children based on how their instruments could mirror or express their personalities!

Anonymous said...

Hey Parker started playing the trumpet in 6th grade and I don't think it was any more dificult than any other instrument. Good luck!