Monday, January 14, 2008


This year I finally decided that Girl Scouts could fit into Amanda's schedule. With BSF being a weekly commitment, and soccer practice occurring in the Fall and Spring, I always thought that was enough. She's really enjoying it, and I like the activities that they do at their meetings as well. I now wish I had let her do it earlier, since they meet just twice a week right after school (which only requires a pick-up, as opposed to drop-off and pick-up).

To most of you, Girl Scouts equals Girl Scout cookies. Friday was the first day she was allowed to sell, so on Saturday, we hit the streets. Saturday morning we went to the four closest neighbors who we know. Saturday afternoon we walked the block. This activity which granted me a peek into my neighbors' homes left me with some observations as well as some questions for you readers:

1. Apparently here in the Northeast, Saturday is the day to take down your tree. Of the people who invited us to step into the foyer from the cold, at least 75% of them were taking down the tree. I would have thought that last weekend (or even New Year's Day) would have been prime. I wonder if this is a regional difference? What do you think? When do you typically take down your decorations?

2. Although I like the winding roads and longer driveways that we have here in our town, it does make door-to-door solicitation somewhat of a hassle. We walked the mile and a quarter loop, plus a few long driveways and got 8 orders (and asked two others who had already secured their cookies), and that took about an hour and a quarter. We did not stop at all the houses. In fact, one stretch of the road has very long driveways, so we just visited the two homes with kids who are on Amanda's bus.

3. That said, I'm glad that I went out of my comfort zone (literally and figuratively speaking) with Amanda. She was so excited about each order that we received, and it gave us some nice time together. It also reminded that I don't really know my neighbors, and I was kind of glad for the excuse to knock on some doors and chat a little bit (and I might have found two new babysitters who just live across the street and two houses over).

4. And finally, there really isn't a favorite cookie. I would have thought that Thin Mints or my personal favorite, Tagalongs (the chocolate and peanut butter confection), might be clear winners. But so far those two are fairly even with the Samoas (coconut and caramel) and Trefoils (shortbread). What's your favorite?


Jen Rouse said...

Ah, Girl Scouts. I did then when I was a kid. Your post brought back some memories. Your neighborhood sounds like the neighborhood I grew up in. Although, this being 20 years ago, my parents let me walk the several miles by myself (!) to try and get orders. I'm sometimes surprised they let me do that, thinking back, but I guess it was a different, less worrisome time to be a parent.

Favorite cookie? For me, it's Samoas, hands-down. Though it's been years since my own Scouting days (and they were called Jubilees, 20 years ago), I always buy a box of those every year.

Hope she continues to have fun with this!

Beck said...

DO you know that Girl Guides (the Canadian version) do NOT sell Samoas? They don't! All they sell are vanilla and chocolate oreo-type cookies.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Tagalongs are my favorite by far! I just ordered two boxes. :)

I think most people around here (TN) take their decorations down around the first of January, although my neighbor still has her outside decorations up.

I'm glad Amanda is enjoying her new activity!

Stephanie said...

Over here the trees hit the street a week ago for trash pick-up. My tree went down today but that's only cause I haven't had time or energy to get to it sooner.

Thin mints all the way!

Org Junkie said...

I love knowing whats going on with my neighbors. I'm very nosey!

Katrina said...

Tree stuff: I like mine down around January 1st. I like to leave it up just a little while, to hold on to that Christmas feeling a bit, but once the new year hits, I'm ready to have it down. Admittedly, I have allowed Camden to keep the small tree in his room (complete with colored lights) up longer, per his request...and it's still up! I'm ready for it to go down...and will probably dismantle it one day soon while he's at school.

Girl Scout Cookies: Thin Mints and Samoas tie for me. I'm hoping a Girl Scout knocks on my door before too long, so I can place my order. :)

heather a. goodman said...

When we moved to Texas from the NE, we were surprised by how early everyone took down their tree.
But it's still Christmas, we thought.
I think it is a regional thing.

Martha said...

The official Christmas season doesn't end until last Sunday (according to our church) so your neighbors where just continuing the celebration. I love tagalongs and am so glad that Amanda is having such a good time with Girl Scouts. I miss it already. (sorry about the email, I clicked the wrong button)

Carrie said...

Samoas!!!! LOVE them! Is it that time again!? Whoppee!!!

I was a girl scout growing up. I hope Amanda loves it! It was a fabulous experience. Brings back good memories!