Thursday, January 10, 2008

We've Obviously Done Her Wrong

We thought that moving to Connecticut was a good idea.

We knew that Amanda would miss out on the experience of our backyard swimming pool. We knew it would be hard for her to leave friends and family in Houston.

We also knew that she'd probably enjoy the snow, skiing, the four seasons, and being closer to our family in Virginia.

All things are true.

Even though she's now lived away from Texas for five and half years (here and in Oregon), and only lived in Texas for four years, she considers herself a Texan. She loves Texas.

We were just watching Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. The second grade question posed was "In what U.S. city is the Alamo?"

Terry turned to Amanda and asked for her answer. "What? I don't know. That's not a second grade question. What's an Alamo?"

Oh dear. At least I think that she knows what a bluebonnet is, and she does bleed maroon and white.


Karla E said...

Oh, are killing me...breaking my heart.

Stephanie said...

The real question is does she SOUND like a Texan? Nothing does my heart good like hearing a little southern drawl come out of the mouths of my RI born babies. = )

Dad said...

Good gosh! Send that girl back to Texas for some schooling. Seriously, maybe in the seventh grade when a class in Texas history is mandatory. She can live with us and we will take her to Aggie football games.
PS. Poor Kyle will really be a ____ Yankee.

Katrina said...

Very cute. I say her passion for Texas counts more than her knowledge of Texas history and geography, though. :)

L.L. Barkat said...

I bet it's not a 10th-grade question either, for a lot of kids!

My daughter recently read about the Alamo from two different perspectives. This was eye-opening for her, as she came to realize that history has two sides... pretty much like any story.

On another note, thanks for your kind encouragement regarding the DJ article. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Casey said...

When I was in High School we moved to California from Texas. When it came to history, I knew nothing but Texas history. I don't remember learning about much else during my Elementary/Jr. High years other than the history of the Great State of Texas! People thought I was crazy that I didn't know capital of other states and things- but I swear I was never taught them!!

Texans are a proud sort, to say the least! :)

Anonymous said...

Blue Bonnet is a superior brand of ice cream, right? I know, I know, it's the Texas state flower as well!! Parker thinks he's going to college in Texas (but I will not tell you where!!).

Beck said...

My kids consider themselves hard done by that we don't move RIGHT TO DISNEYLAND. So there's always going to be something, right? said...

The Alamo is in almost every city, isn't it? I know I've seen one at most airports...and I think they'll even rent you a little hybrid to try out.

martha said...

OK...she wouldn't get that until 4th grade but she would hear about it in 1st and 2nd here in the great state! Next time in the state you should go to the State History Museum in Austin. We went last summer, it is amazing! The most important part is the maroon and white anyway!