Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This week I thought I'd share a fun new travel site I've discovered. Yapta is a site that enables you to track airfare. You simply download a little program (and if you are a Firefox user, you an download it as an add-on right to your toolbar). Then when you search approved sites, which includes all of the major airlines, you have the option to "tag it with Yapta." That will save that particular itinerary in your Yapta file. You can check in daily to see if the fare has gone up or gone down.

For example, my husband and I are planning a trip to the Caribbean in May. The price seems fairly firm, so I'm not worried about buying it now, but because I have it saved, if there happens to be a sale, I can snatch them up.

I recently used it to buy a ticket for myself to go to a friend's wedding in April. Yes, I delayed a few days and saw the price rising, but after I bought it Monday night, I had immediate gratification, because it had gone up after I bought it.

There's another feature that I haven't used, but they claim that you can get a credit on that airline if a purchased fare goes down (and so you can continue to track it). I am going to see how that goes. You can use this feature with any tickets, not just ones that you were tracking initially.

Click on over and check it out yourself. Being travel-savvy works for me!

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Playful Professional said...

This looks great. I'm always looking for the cheapest plane tickets so this may be just what I need. Thanks!