Monday, March 24, 2008

Even More Celebrating

So for whatever reason I've managed to get three posts out of Easter. So be it.

I thought I would share what happens when the Easter Bunny runs out into the sub-freezing temps to hide the colored eggs so that the egg hunt can happen after church--

I think that the black fuzzy family member was responsible. She was eying me the Easter Bunny when the eggs were being hidden. Another interesting fact--the white of the broken egg was frozen after being outside for a couple of hours.

As I often do when we are all dressed up, I made Terry take our picture (and I made the kids take off their coats).

Happy Easter!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Looks like you got lots of sunshine, too! The temp was still a little cold but yeah for sun!!

(Right now we're over 50 and my gang is playing outside! Yippee for me!!!) = )

Beck said...

It looks SO much warmer there! THat's so weird about the frozen Easter eggs! The Easter bunny runs downstairs mere seconds before the kids come down to hide the eggs, so they don't have time to even lose their chill from the fridge.

Dianne said...

You all look so nice. It was in the 30s here. I tried to wear something but jeans but in the end, went for warm. I did wear a practically new tangerine sweater instead of the standard black or brown turtleneck! Felt kind of weird to be so cold on Easter.

Katrina said...

You look great! And the kids aren't bad either. :)

Since I stayed home, I wore jeans on Easter, but a nice spring-green shirt, in my slight attempt to look spring-y, despite the freezing temps.

L.L. Barkat said...

Great looking eggs (well, except perhaps for the self-detonating one :)

And what a lovely pic of you and your family!