Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Can't Even Conjure Up a Title

Why haven't I posted since Friday, and not much at all in a whole week?

Let me just give you my week in a nutshell.

I'm trying to take away a couple of Kyle's naps each week. He's almost four and still loves the nap, even if he protests briefly. However, 6am has now become his normal wake-up time, which is a tad early. I do not want to sacrifice my afternoon quiet time, and honestly, he still needs it, but maybe it's time for 4 to 5 naps a week, instead of 6 or 7. So, Friday afternoon in lieu of naptime, we visited the library. This library has a train table in the children's area, and going at 1pm, there are noticeably fewer kids out, so all was going well, until he had to go potty. He ran to the potty, did his business, and was running back to the train table when mom cautioned him not to. A similarly charged little girl was running around the sofa on which her mom was sitting, and BOOM!

He's fine. This was the most colorful, taken Sunday. It's a nice red and yellow now, almost a week later.

Saturday night at midnight our power went out. High winds had knocked one of the connectors loose. What that meant is that every time the winds blew, it would connect, make a spark, and surge power through our house. This caused the fire alarms wired into our home to go off, for about 20 minutes straight. We weren't sure if we should vacate or what, and I ended up calling 911. Since there wasn't an actual line down or a fire on the pole, they couldn't call the power company, and would have sent a fire truck to check our house, but I declined. We awakened early (losing an hour of sleep in addition to the one spent running around our house in the dark wondering what we should, after Springing Forward). The house was cold, and we didn't even have water (since the well runs on electricity, and we don't have "city water," a phrase which I never thought I would apply to my own dwelling). We went to church (where it was warm), and people were nice to us--wanting to know how they could help us. Despite an early dire estimate of return of power by Wednesday, it came on Sunday at 2pm (I think because a passer by again reported the sparking pole).

Last week we had workers doing a little remodeling job--hoping to open things up a bit. Monday after spending the day at IKEA with a friend, it was determined that the guy that was going to refinish our wood floors could either come this Wednesday at 8am, or in two and a half weeks. We already had moved books and some of the furniture for the remodeling job, so we decided to just go for it. Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon were spent boxing up the house and moving furniture. I also needed to find a place for us to stay, since having the main level refinished offers us no access to the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. We decided on a Residence Inn, which will offer us a bit more space (which equals sanity and a modicum of normalcy) and free breakfast and snacks, and they will allow us to bring our dog. Today they sanded the floors, so we stayed here last night, but after I leave here to take Kyle to preschool, we won't return until Sunday afternoon.


After (after remodel AND after all my hard work)
I will do the painting next week.

Did I mention that I also happen to be preparing to teach my BSF class on Monday night? That entails preparing a 45 minute "sermon." I had planned to finish that up on Tuesday and Thursday while Kyle was at school, even before all the chaos, so I'm actually on track there, but I'd appreciate any prayers that are offered up that I am able to deliver God's word in an organized, cohesive, and life-changing way.

For someone who is busy and frazzled, that was a long post, but editing takes time and rambling is lazy. Hopefully I'll put together some articulate thoughts soon.


Dad said...

Way to go, Daughter. Thinking and praying for you.
The room opening looks great.
All that hard work will keep you young (although, you may not fell like it does). Take it from me!!

stephanie said...

My goodness - you all have been busy! :)

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Oh, my goodness! I'm tired for you! Love the Residence Inn. Glad you took a picture of the shiner. = ) Every little boy needs at least one shiner. = ) The room looks great! I'm trying not to covet your open space. = )

Org Junkie said...

Oh my goodness what a difference it makes opening the room up like that. Great decision!

What is your "sermon" about? I'll pray about it for you.


Jen Rouse said...

Holy cow! You do have a lot going on. I'm sure your floors will look lovely afterward. I love wood floors and I really like that shade of green on your walls as well! Are you keeping that afterward or going with something new?

Katrina said...

Yes you have been a very busy girl. I love the pictures and I agree that opening that space up makes a big difference. And poor Kyle... but I'm glad he and his eye are recovering just fine. He's starting to look so old -- how do they grow up this quickly?

Barb said...

What? You let a couple of little things like a huge remodeling job and sparking electrical posts keep you from posting?

Geez. My only excuse is a new granddaughter. lol

Beck said...

So you're busy then? :)
My little one hasn't napped since she was 1 1/2.... days around here are LONG.

dcrmom said...

Wow, you're busy!! What a precious little guy you have, shiner and all. :-)