Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kids' Cuisine

As a mom of two continually sugar-hyped kids, from the breakfast of Poptarts or the slightly more desirable frozen waffle or whole-grain (yet sugary cereal), to snacks of other starchy foods such as Goldfish, Ritz, Graham crackers, to lunches of PB&J to more snacks which ruin their dinner, I feel like I am losing the nutrition battle.

Yes, I offer fruits and veggies at snacktime and dinner. Often if they are hungry, I tell them to choose a healthy snack or they get nothing. But it's still hard.

Ever since Amanda was eating solids, I've been buying unsweetened applesauce, to avoid the high fructose corn syrup and other added sugars. The snack-packs even come in unsweetened, so that's never been a problem. But just today I noticed that I can get the cool new flavors that I've been avoiding because they had sugar. Mott's Healthy Harvest is now "No Sugar Added." So today Kyle and I picked out the Blueberry Applesauce and for lunch he literally licked the bowl clean. No sugar. Antioxidants. You can't go wrong with blueberries.

Speaking of kid-friendly cuisine, I bought the Perdue Fresh chicken nuggets for the first time (from the refrigerator section with the meat, not the freezer). Tonight is a drop Amanda off at church-Dad picks her up later on his way home-kind of night which doesn't lend itself to gourmet fare. They were really great (yes, I ate some too). I noticed a big difference from the frozen nuggets (which I also eat).

Also, lest you think that all we eat are Poptarts and nuggets (even if it's true, I don't want you to think it), Saturday morning we all went to breakfast. I'm a veggie loving girl, so I ordered scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese. I convinced Kyle to eat some because of Popeye, which he watches with his sister on Boomerang. He probably got in a good preschooler sized serving. Hooray for TV!

Oh wait--TV is what convinces my children that they should buy fruit gushers and chocolate Poptarts, and the cereal of the week. But Saturday morning, the influence of the TV was a good one. Just like with food choices, I guess we have to praise the good when we see it.

This is not a paid post. I am receiving no compensation for my opinion, nor have I received any free applesauce or coupons to that effect, nor an email from a PR rep telling me how great Mott's, Perdue or Boomerang is (not that I'm opposed to posting my honest opinion as a result of any of the above). I am simply giving credit where credit is due.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Sometimes it's chicken nuggets or nothing. And the little people don't like it when you feed them nothing! = )

Katrina said...

Yeah, there's a fair amount of frozen waffles, snacks, nuggets, and (sugary) whole wheat cereals around here too. But we do love that Mott's No Sugar Added (Logan particularly loves the Berry one - mixed berry? wild berry? - can't remember right now). The boys do eat a fair amount of fruits and vegetables, and genuinely like both, but I still feel guilty sometimes about that other "stuff."

Beck said...

One of my school aged kids loves those little applesauces in his lunch, too - but we're trying to make less garbage, so I've been painstakingly packing homemade applesauce in his lunch, which painstakingly gets sent home again, untouched. Yep.