Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This and That--By the Numbers

First may I say that this is the seventh post in seven days? I had become more of a thrice a week blogger for a great while, but like it or lump it--maybe I'm back!

Second, I'd love to point you to two of my posts (both with giveaways) at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Love, Mommy: Writing Love Letters to Your Baby
has been sitting on my shelf for longer than I care to admit. It's a great book for every parent and was especially appealing to the writerly side of me. You can read my personal thoughts and review of it and enter to win your own copy HERE.

In 5 Minutes for Books, I feature a review of a great memoir that's not quite as heavy as some in the genre--more of a journey to adulthood as opposed to a hard crawl out of the pit of despair that many books of that type feature (and yes, I like reading those stories of hope as well). It's called the Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan, and we are giving away four copies HERE.

I dare you to watch the 2 minute video she made for amazon and NOT rush out to buy this book (and/or pick up the phone to call your parents).

Love you, Mom. Love you, Dad. Love you, Seester.

And finally--I drew some winners:

WindyCindy (comment 4) won the Storm Hawks DVDs and anonymous comment number 2, my stealth roommate Martha won the Andrew Peterson book! I actually think that she and her whole family (especially her hubby) will enjoy that book, so I'm happy to send it out to her. And lest you accuse me of favoritism, both numbers were drawn from random.org.

Editing on Wednesday to add the winner of my Experiencing the Resurrection book. Since there were only two entries, I did an old-fashioned coin toss. Heads=1, Tails=2. It was heads. Congrats Carrie!


Katrina said...

Yes, I had noticed that you've become rather daily in your posting. :) I signed up to win Love, Mommy. It looks good. Now I'm off to watch the 2-minute video for the other one.

Cheri said...

Hey Jennifer,

Glad you stopped by Faith Lifts today and left me a comment on the devotion.

I'll tell ya, it's amazing how much our children can teach us even when they don't know their doing it!!

~ Cheri

Dad said...

Some of us who are a long distance away really enjoy being updated daily.