Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Too Much Stuff!

When I returned from our vacation last month, I had a renewed resolve to clear out some of the clutter in my house. I enjoyed our stay in our vacation rental home so much. I was so relaxed, at ease, happy. Yes, I was on vacation which accounted for some of it, but I figured out another reason why this rental home made me feel peaceful and seemed so spacious, in spite of the fact that it was at least 30% smaller than my own home.

There was no clutter.

Amanda's favorite spot, at the breakfast bar

The kitchen cabinets were stocked with the essentials, but not overloaded with the accumulation of fifteen years of "extras."

There were towels, blankets, and pillows aplenty, but they did not overflow their assigned space.

Oh yes, they even had books, but they were contained to the bookcase, not stacked up on both sides of the bed (and piled under the bed), hidden in end-table drawers, and misplaced in every room of the house.

I always find that when I'm in that motivated frame of mind, an additional encouraging influence is always helpful. I was browsing amazon, and decided to buy It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff by Peter Walsh (for the bargain price of $6.99!). It's definitely helping. So far none of the information is ground-breakingly original, but I need the reminder. I am mostly focusing on what I really need, as opposed to just trying to find a place for what I have.

I posted Tackle It Tuesday today at 5 Minutes for Mom, sharing about how I got rid of all the extra towels and linens and hauled them away. Read more HERE. I'm not finished. Amanda's stuff is in need of some serious downsizing, and the basement is storing things that I probably don't even need.


Dianne said...

I totally get this, including the feeling of "space" an uncluttered vacation home offers. I feel like I can't breathe when things get cluttery. Kudos to you for tackling things.

Org Junkie said...

My daughter and I just de-cluttered her entire room this past weekend. It involves me going in and dumping all her available surfaces into the middle of the floor and then we go through every single thing together. It totally makes a difference taking it all down and my daughter is always amazed at how big of a pile it makes in the middle of the floor. A big garbage bag left her room that day.

She had started having sleeping problems again so that is how I knew it was time to get it done.

Good luck!

Katrina said...

Going on vacations always affects me this way. I come home wanting to clear all surfaces. It really is so relaxing to not be surrounded by stuff, but we don't realize it until we have that change of scenery. Good job!

heather said...

The hard thing is how easily things get cluttered. I work so hard every day, and then I miss three days and bam! It's overwhelming--mail all over the kitchen counter filling in the places between all the dirty dishes (because the clean ones are all in the dishwasher, but, hey, maybe I can stack the mail in the now empty cabinets), clean clothes (unfolded, mind you) in the dryer, on the sofa, in the hamper, on the pool table (how can two people have so many clothes, towels, and sheets?).
I can't imagine staying decluttered with kids! Oy vey.

momi said...

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