Monday, April 21, 2008

Back to Reality

Last week was Spring Break for my kids. Monday started off a little rocky, with a very emotionally charged 3 1/2 year-old who erupted in tears at each little pitfall. Since all of that started before 6:30 a.m., by 10:00 a.m. the unscheduled week was starting to look interminable.

But things turned around.

Spring weather finally arrived here in Connecticut, so we met friends at the park on two of the days, ate ice cream twice, and went to Panera once.

By Thursday, I was appreciating the lack of structured to-dos: Staying in our pajamas until noon 10:30 a.m., letting the children gorge on TV (and me on the computer and on books). . . .

Friday morning I left bright and early for a wonderful weekend at Disney** and Terry took over the household responsibilities. I arrived late Sunday night and slept well in my own bed with my own husband.

This morning brought me back to reality. I had to get my daughter up for school (another tween behavior she is honing is wanting to sleep late), make sure the backpack was ready to go, pack a snack, and get her out the door to catch the bus. This afternoon will be her first soccer practice of the season, so when she gets home today, she will have fifteen minutes to eat a quick snack and change into her soccer gear before we have to leave for practice. For another month we still have BSF, so when I pick her up from practice, we'll go directly there, which doesn't leave much time for homework, so she'll have to get up early tomorrow to finish it.

We still have two full months of school here in Connecticut, but this taste of the slow life has me yearning for summer vacation already.

**There will be more on Disney later, including some group pictures that the professional photographer who was following us around Magic Kingdom took. Yes, we had paparazzi.

I am figuring out how to get across all the information that we got while we were there. We met many employees and got some great information. I think that I'm going to have "Destination Disney Weekend" themes for a while until I get all the information out, and I'm even thinking of posting about specific topics and opening it up as a carnival so that all of you can share your Disney knowledge as well.


Katrina said...

Welcome home! We're enjoying spring weather here, last! And I practically had to drag Camden out of bed this morning -- not normal for my early bird son.

Looking forward to the Disney info/scoop. Feel free to include bulleted lists to help convey the gobs of stuff you want to share. :)

Anonymous said...

We are already done with soccer! So our evenings are free finally! I am glad you had fun on your weekend. Just got the books today, and am glad I did grading after school today!!!! martha