Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Destination Disney

The new twice-monthly schedule can be found HERE.

So, here's the story. Disney flew me to Orlando with some other great women bloggers and site-owners to tap into us as resources for disseminating information, and as a result we got a lot of information. We had more fun than we deserved hanging out with really sharp women, being treated like VIPs, seeing some great shows, eating good food, enjoying beautiful weather, and a well-appointed hotel.

And did I mention that we came away with information? Lots of information. We met with many Disney employees who knew their stuff and absolutely loved their jobs--from PR and marketing people, to hotel managers, to chefs. I am going to host a weekly Destination Disney as a means of conveying this information in manageable bites. Each weekend will have a theme.

It seems like everyone has either taken one (or more) trips to Disney World, or is dreaming about taking one. I'm hoping that this will serve as a great reference for people as they plan a Disney vacation, or maybe just a little way to hold on to the magic of your past trip.

We'll kick it off this Friday. You are invited to post anytime this weekend and link it up. This week's topic will be fairly general. I'm calling it Disney Magic. You could write about your memories about your first trip to Disney, or the last. You could write about a touching Make a Wish story you've heard about, or the look in your child's eye when he first saw Mickey Mouse or Cinderella. I'll be sharing some Disney magic of my own.

Over the next weeks and months, I'd like to hear your thoughts and experiences with the planning part of a Disney vacation, Disney on a budget, shows, hotels and resorts, and separate posts about each park.

If you'd like to plan ahead, here are the first few topics we'll cover. You are welcome to put in the permalink of an older post, perhaps from your last trip to Disney, or pull it from your archives to repost it, or write a new post addressing this topic. If you don't have a blog, I'd love to hear your input in the comments.

I'm trying to dig up some prizes for the first couple of weeks as an incentive to jump in and share your information.

Disney Magic -- the weekend of April 25
Planning Your Trip to Disney -- the weekend of May 2
Disney on a Budget -- the weekend of May 9
Disney Hotels and Resorts -- the weekend of May 16
Disney for Adults -- the weekend of May 23

The schedule through the rest of 2008 can be found HERE.

You can grab the banner at the top of the post (just right click and save to your own hard drive), or you can use this smaller button in your posts or on your sidebar:

Fellow attendee and new friend Jo-Lynne designed them for me. If you think that they are as cute as I do, check out her new blog design service DCR Designs.

See you back here on Friday as we all share our thoughts on the Magical World of Disney.

The new twice-monthly schedule can be found HERE.


dcrmom said...

Love this idea, Jennifer! I'll be putting a post up on Saturday.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Can't wait to join in- and I love the button!!


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Count me in! I am slightly obsessed with Disney World right now. It has been eight months since we were there, and we are not planning to go back until Dec. 09. So...I have been helping friends plan their trips! These posts will be a perfect "fix" for me. :)

Just Pure Lovely said...

Love the button. Good idea you have here!

Katrina said...

Sounds great. Love the button Jo-Lynne made. I'll be joining in!

Sabrina said...

I am a project manager who's created my own blog to help people plan their disney vacations.


Thanks so much for your blog, it's good to see there are other people out there as passionate about Disney as I am. (We're going there in 7 days!)

Deanna said...

WOW, I am so glad I came upon this site. I will definately add the button or banner to my blog.
I love Disney!!

Julie said...

What a great idea. We are big Disney World fans and have been over 25 times! I will add the button to my blog and come back to post on Fridays.

Darcie said...

Well you have to know that this is right up my alley Jennifer! I'm SO joinging in on Friday. I love the button Jo-Lynne made too.

Sisterlisa said...

Very cool. We're leaving to go to Disneyland in So Ca. in a week.

Janel said...

this is an awesome idea!
My brother is talking about having his wedding at Disney World and I am really pushing him to do it. We were just there in January and we did not want to leave. It really is a little piece of heaven.

Midlife Mom said...

This is such a great idea! We have been to Disney about 40 times in the last 32 years! Talk about Disney junkies! Now we have the fun of going with the grandchildren which makes it even more fun seeing it through their eyes! I will add your button to my sidebar. It's adorable, Jo-Lynne did a great job on it!!

Gina Conroy said...

We go to Disney every couple of years and now my dad lives in Orlando! Can't wait to read your posts!

Vader's Mom said...

Fun! I have a huge post about Disney World linked on my sidebar. Jeff & I have been there the last 4 years - we are breaking tradition this year and heading to Disneyland. I don't know what we are going to do :)