Saturday, April 19, 2008

Disney--Friday Night

I think that there are 16 of us here, plus 3 Disney people, and our PR contact. We started off the evening a bit tentatively--some had prior connections and stuck together. By the end of the night, we had all mixed and mingled to some extent. The conversation has been rich and varied. I am learning so much about business and blogging and the business of blogging from these smart, savvy women. I'm just drinking it all in.

We had VIP seats right at the water's edge for the Epcot fireworks show. We were so close we could feel the heat from the fire.

Today we began at 7:30, and I think we are going strong until 4pm, at which time we have a break until dinner, then we will see La Nouba Cirque du Soleil show and back to the hotel. A special last-minute addition to the agenda is that we are going somewhere no one has ever been before. It's something brand new opening in the fall that no press has even seen. As one of the Disney employees said, we are scooping the New York Times.

I got a glimpse of Minnie at Epcot in the Character Galley, but no character contact yet. Is it crazy to say that I'm looking forward to our character breakfast on Sunday? We are also going to the Block Party Bash today, which I think will be fun, since I'm a big Pixar fan.


Katrina said...

Scooping the NYTimes? Very cool. The fireworks sound great, as does everything you have going on. I'd be looking forward to a character breakfast, too. I'm sipping coffee from my Eeyore mug this morning, so if you see him, give him my best. :)

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Oh, I am wondering if you are going to preview the Toy Story Mania ride???? This looks like a fun one that my kids would really enjoy. Whatever it is, I look forward to reading about it!

Sarah said...

How totally fun! You and Jo-Lynne should win some award for blogging while you were down there! I am glad you ladies had such fun!