Monday, April 28, 2008


This is the fourth Spring that we've lived in Connecticut. Would it surprise you if I told you that there are some differences in the weather in Connecticut and my home state of Texas?

In Connecticut . . .
  • We can never put away our sweatshirts. After two weeks of perfect 70 degree sunny days (which followed a chilly morning where we needed a light jacket), the forecast for the better part of the week is April Showers and temperatures no warmer than 61.
  • I know that although the calendar ushers in Spring on March 20, here in the frozen Northeast, my only indicator of Spring at that time was the advent of Katrina's Spring Reading Thing.
  • Because the weather goes from being inhospitable to rather lovely, the children revel in it. Because Kyle begins spending much time outside, and being outside means playing in the dirt, daily baths become the order of the day. If I was a better housekeeper, daily bathtub cleaning would also be in order, because he definitely leaves a ring.
  • Spring green really exists. I love watching the verdant green leaves come out on the lawns and on the formerly bare tree branches.

In Texas . . .
  • We always kept T-shirts and shorts or capris handy. Whether it's March or December, a week of season-appropriate weather was likely to be followed by temperatures topping 80 degrees.
  • The calendar is also not a fair indicator of Spring. By the end of March, we had likely already experienced many of those 80 degree days. When we visited family one February, I of course packed some short-sleeved shirts, but it happened to be particularly warm, and so I had to buy some flip flops to rescue my feet from all the closed-toed shoes I had brought from Connecticut.
  • Because the weather is always temperate in Houston, certainly as compared to other parts of the country, people become quite picky about the sort of day that will drive them outdoors. If it's 60 and sunny, but a little windy, the parks won't be crowded. They'll wait for 75 and not humid for the perfect park-day. 82 with a chance of thunderstorms? Better not plan a trip to the zoo, because it might rain. In the Summer it's always warm, but 92 is too hot to do anything but swim, so they'll be indoors then as well.
  • Texas is an evergreen state. While some trees will lose their leaves, they are so confused by the swing of temperatures that we never saw the explosion of new growth with the onset of warm weather.
We enjoyed our two weeks of Spring, and I know they'll be back. Yesterday we planted our vegetable garden (while wearing sweatshirts) in hopes that the sun will actually warm the plants and help them to grow. Come July, we'll hopefully be enjoying corn, broccoli (a first for us), tomatoes and peppers.


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Our weather here in Virginia sounds more like Houston, which is a little surprising to me.

I love the usual April/May weather, which is in the 70s with little humidity unless it's raining. If it never got about 75°, I'd be happy. And it's cool enough at night/early morning to wear a jacket. Wonder if there's a place I could find that year round?

Beck said...

Connecticut and Ontario sound pretty similar, climactically!

Katrina said...

Yeah, things in our neck of the woods have been crazy lately, too. It was warm (hot, even) and sunny last week. Now today is cold and rainy. Logan is going to be so mad when he finds out that our evening ritual of playing outside will not be conducted tonight.

L.L. Barkat said...

It's fun to read about these differences, since I've made some Texas friends on-line and really have no idea what life is like for them. The evergreen thing... that surprised me.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

My kids got THREE baths last week! That hasn't happened since about August! My friend and I knew the weather would turn cold and rainy - tomorrow is Ben & Jerry's free cone day and the weather is ALWAYS cold and rainy for free cone day. But that doesn't stop us from going. = )

HipWriterMama said...

We drove through Connecticut two times last week on beautiful days.

I'm ready for some more warm weather. It's so damp and cold today, here in Massachusetts.

Anonymous said... in Texas we were in the 40s this morning and will be again tomorrow! But of course, it will be 80 in the afternoon. I haven't put away the jackets or the blankets on the beds. Martha, the roommate

Darcie said...

I totally understand your Texas mentality. Arizona is just like that.

Some day I want to visit the NE part of the country in the fall. I bet you have the most amazing display of colors up there. Fall is my favorite season and I would just love to see those reds and oranges and yellows decorate the trees. I'm sure you spring green is lovely too!