Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Talking Shop(ping)

Last Friday I went to Target. Spring had finally sprung on Connecticut bringing temperatures above 70 on a consistent basis, and Amanda had only one pair of shorts/capris, because in September she had outgrown everything, so I gave them all away instead of storing them (Here's something I could have added to my Texas/Connecticut weather post: Seventy feels really warm in Connecticut, whereas my newly transplanted to Texas friend pointed out that at the 63 degree baseball game everyone was wearing their heavy sweatshirts and had pulled out their stadium blankets to keep warm).

My mission was to come away with several pairs of shorts, and to hopefully avoid the curse that happens when one enters Target, causing one to spend at least $150. I failed on both accounts.

I did end up buying two pairs of shorts, I think, and maybe a skort, and a couple cute tee's. Reminding you that it's the end of only the second warm week in Connecticut, I was disgruntled to find that most shorts did not have her size. This is because just like everywhere else in the world, on March 1 regardless of weather conditions, all of the long-sleeved clothes and pants are replaced by shorty shorts and tank tops.

So I was unable to buy the clothing I need for this particular time because of poor marketing. I know that the next shipment of the next style will arrive soon, and there's always the internet. An even worse problem is when your toddler or preschooler who can zoom through a size without looking back needs a couple long-sleeved shirts and a light jacket in March in a bigger size (since it's still going to be cool for months), and one cannot be found--anywhere--including online! I learned to plan ahead and buy one in the next size for Amanda, because one time when we lived in Portland, I was thrown at the mercy of a friend, begging to borrow something from one of her older children.

I know that it's not just those of us in the North for whom this is a social injustice. In September, Southerners everywhere will be snatching up those lovely wool skirts and sweaters. They look like Fall, but they will hang in your closet while you grab the shorty shorts and tank tops.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

One of my biggest frustrations ever!!

Dianne said...

I so hear you. This has frustrated me many times and is why I've taken to buying a lot of things online. Of course that may not be an option for kids shopping.

Katrina said...

Camden needed summer clothes recently (as did Logan), but I wimped out and just did the online thing for both of them. I did have to pay shipping, but Old Navy and Children's Place had some things on sale, so it balanced out, I think.

I'm going to Target today, and am also hoping to escape without spending too much. That place is dangerous!