Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Want to Be (Wii) Fit

Cooper is one of the great women I met at our Disney World Blogging Moms Mixer. She is co-founder of The Motherhood online neighborhood community and Been There blog.

She's currently sponsoring a contest to win a Wii Fit. She's asking us to talk about our fitness journey. Just last month, I shared what doesn't work for me in the way of fitness--the gym. I just can't do it. I don't have the discipline to get there, I don't like that in addition to the 30 minutes or one hour that I have to squeeze out of my schedule to work out, I have to add twenty to thirty minutes of time in the car to get there.

Time in the car these days also equals money--with gas costs rising, a mere 3 trips to the gym a week would probably cost me at least 8 gallons of gas, which is over $32 at the present. Factor in the $60 a month membership of the gym I had tried out (being somewhat rural, I don't have access to the big box discount gyms), and working out in a gym does not make financial sense to me!

I just returned from a fabulous beach vacation with my husband. Spending a week in my swimsuit and eating like I was on a cruise ship for a week, reminded me that I need to make sure that fitness is part of my summer. Each day I saw my belly growing underneath that thin layer of lycra/spandex/whatever swimsuits are made of these days.

Those are my logical, rational, and well-reasoned arguments, but let's get real. The Wii is so much fun. We don't have a unit yet (to the frequent dismay of my 9 1/2 year-old daughter Amanda), but I always enjoy playing on my sister-in-law's machine. The first time I played the boxing game that is pre-loaded on the console and realized my arms were sore, I thought, "Hmm. . . there may be something to this concept after all." Knowing that playing the Wii games could actually burn a few calories or tone a few tiny muscles was a cool motivator to buy one for the family. Having a daughter who is creeping towards her teen years where body image and appearance are going to come into play whether I want them to or not, I love knowing that Wii is continuing to capitalize on the unique side of the Wii gaming platform with Wii Fit. Being slightly (ahem) competitive, I know that might push me to keep trying to up my performance on those games.

I think it will work for me. If I win one, I'll certainly give it a try! If not, I know that since a Wii is perpetually on my daughter's wish list, we will probably be buying one at some point, and all benefiting from the fun of an active game system.

You have until Friday (tomorrow) to enter this contest at Been There. You can find all the details HERE.


Anonymous said...

OK..I'm a little surprised you don't have a wii. We have one and the kids love it. We are thinking about getting wii fit because you know I have the same motivation issues as you do. Going back to work has made it worse!

Katrina said...

We love our Wii, and we are enjoying Wii Fit -- lots of fun!