Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Joyous Gift of Grandparents

My home is filled with the joyous gift right now.

Terry and I are away, enjoying a week away together--recharging, refueling, reconnecting--and relaxing. We'll be home soon, and I'll try to share some of the memories, but honestly I never find that I can accurately convey the

Dad and Susan are here with the kids. I am thankful for their willingness to come and relieve us of our duties. I know that they enjoy it, and I know that the kids treasure that time, just as I enjoyed the time I spent under my grandparents' care.

I reviewed this great book about grandparenting recently at 5 Minutes for Mom. You can read my review along with checking out some links to posts I've written over the last couple of years about my own grandparents.

What's the best memory you have of your grandparents, or of your children's grandparents?


Dianne said...

We moved next to our gram in the country when I was about 11. It was great being able to run over to her house anytime we wanted. Your kids will have a wonderful week and what a great gift you're getting also.

Katrina said...

Sadly, I only ever knew one of my grandparents, and she passed away while I was still fairly young. But I'm glad that my boys spend time regularly with three of their grandparents and have had fun adventures with all of them. From vacations to Sunday dinners, they're building lots of great memories.