Thursday, May 01, 2008

Things You Might Want to Know

Stamps go up--again--on May 12. ONE whole cent. What a logistical nightmare. It makes the Forever Stamps even more appealing. Unfortunately I pay my bills online and don't use stamps all that often, so I'm still in possession of 75 stamps from the roll that I bought to put on my Christmas cards, which I never sent out.

You could win $1000 in the 5 Minutes for Mom Mother's Day contest. There are fewer than 300 entries, and the top 15 finalists will be open to votes on the site. This doesn't have to be Annie Leibovitz quality (wait--for that matter--let's make sure it's NOT Annie Leibovitz quality). Just post a picture on your blog (or email it) that looks like motherhood to you. It could simply be a great picture of you with the kids, of your belly bump or anything. You can certainly get creative, but you don't want to miss out on the chance because it's not perfect, do you? Read all the details HERE. The deadline is May 2 at noon EST.

Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway Event

There are lots of other great prizes, including a printer and a set of custom notecards (check out the ones made for me; they're cute), with more to come throughout the week. Click the button for the listing of all the products.

The second Destination Disney weekend carnival will be posted tomorrow. You can link up anytime this weekend to share your favorite planning tips--websites, books, insider tips on covering the park--anything. You can tell us when you begin your planning, what you do first, and why. If you have never planned a trip before, but there's one in your future, why not write a post asking all the Disney-philes who will be visiting the carnival a specific question you might have. The possibilities for your participation are unlimited.

All I ask is that if you link up at the carnival you also provide a link back to my blog. If you are linking to an old post, which is perfectly acceptable, just write a new post mentioning that you are participating in the carnival and letting your readers know where they can find the other participants' posts.

This time I am spreading a little Disney magic myself, and it's open to bloggers and nonbloggers alike. I am offering a prize to anyone who links up OR leaves a comment with a suggestion this week.

We enjoyed 31 cent scoops at Baskin-Robbins yesterday as part of their promotion, and it's too late for you to take advantage of tha (sorry!), but iMommies lists three other promotions coming up in May, so you can mark your calendars. We love ice cream.


oh amanda said...

I didn't get to do your disney carnival last weekend but I'm working on it NOW for tomorrow! YAY!

Katrina said...

The whole stamp thing annoys me to no end. It just. went. up. And now it's going up again. Oh well... I still have 37-cent stamps and 41-cent stamps (my mom often tucks stamps in Christmas stockings), but I've been grabbing an occasional book of Forever stamps as well.