Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What Do You Feed Your Chickins?

I love reading about nutrition and thinking about ways to encourage my kids to make healthy food choices. However, knowing what we should eat and thinking about it do not always translate into something other than hot dogs or fast food on a Spring evening busy with activities.

When I saw Leslie Grant on the Rachel Ray show a couple months ago, I knew that I wanted my family to try the Chickin Feed Nutrition Tracking board. I had the opportunity to ask her (and her daughter Lucy who was looking at the computer over her shoulder) a few questions:

What did your kids think of seeing you on the Rachel Ray show?

They thought it was pretty cool! They mostly liked being filmed in our house and then seeing themselves on TV. (Lucy just came down here and I asked her. She said "Mommy was pretty.") I'm very touched!

Did you think that your product would hit such a strong note with moms out there?

I sure hoped! But I really had no idea how fantastic the response would be. It was a product that I created to solve a real problem that our family had. It was quickly apparent that many other folks had the same issues about "What to feed their chickins!"

With your new busy "mom-preneur" schedule--have your family's eating habits suffered? Be honest, mom to mom. How has use of the tracking board helped?

Funny you should ask... I was just telling someone the other day how I had this perfect opportunity to teach my eight-year old daughter the meaning of IRONY. One night as we hit the drive-thru because I was just too busy to cook, I explained how the success of our new business -- that helps families improve their eating habits -- left our family particularly UNimproved that evening.

We talked a little about how there were still better choices than others that could be made at the drive-thru. My daughter ordered a chicken salad and rattled off the "chickins" she could move on her board when we got home. So I think the underlying lessons we've learned so far have definitely made an impression.

P.S. This is from Lucy: I hate the food at McDonalds... (Yeah - from her mom)

So I'm glad to see that in spite of a busy schedule, her "chickins" are learning to make good choices. If you'd like to read more of my thoughts on the nutrition tracking board and enter to win one for yourself, check out my post at 5 Minutes for Mom.

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Katrina said...

That tracking board looks like a neat idea.