Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Whisper of Freedom

The third and final book in Tricia Goyer's Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War series is finally here. A Whisper of Freedom wraps up all of war and spy adventures as well as the person-to-person connections of Sophie, Walt, Phillip, Deion, and all the other characters that I had grown to love.

In this final installment, Walt and Sophie and Phillip have taken possession of the gold that Michael is trying to smuggle out of the country. There are many twists and turns on the way to the resolution of the story.

One thing I love about this book is that there are detailed summaries of the first two books in the preface. There are a lot of characters in these books, and even having read them both in the last year or so, it was a nice refresher. In addition, I find it hard to follow the political side of the story (in any book that features that as a backdrop), so the summaries really cemented that part of the story in my mind.

For this blog tour, Tricia has invited us to participate in a fun meme. Keep reading for how you can get involved. During the tour, you can enter to win one of FIVE signed copies of A Whisper of Freedom by signing up for Tricia's newsletter here!

1. List three things you would do with a chest full of gold (assuming you got to keep it!)
  • Take some fabulous trips, and invite some friends and family along.
  • Be generous--treat friends (and myself!) to lunch, pedicures, and cups of coffee.
  • Buy a bigger house and have it decorated (and I suppose I'd need to throw some gold coins at someone each week to keep it clean for me).
2. List three charities/missions/organizations you support (and why).
  • My church--Because everything I have is God's anyway, so I offer him back the firstfruits of my income.
  • Compassion International--Because as an American, I have so much more than other people in the world.
  • Breakaway Ministry--Because I'm so proud of the solid doctrinal teaching that is going on at my college alma mater, and I want to make sure it's still going strong when my two future alumni attend. I also listen to the podcast weekly, and it feeds me, so I'm happy to help provide for their expenses.

3. List three ways you have volunteered your time/services.
  • Teaching the Bible, to women and children
  • Helping out at Amanda's school--in the library and in her classroom
  • Helping friends when needed (with childcare, meals, etc)

4. List three things you keep "hidden" when company comes over.
  • The TV remote--Why watch TV when you can visit with friends?
  • Bad dinner habits--Although my children and husband eat frozen pizza or hot dogs at least once a week, when we have company I generally serve a tasty and balanced meal.
  • The children--They are either in bed or banished outdoors or to the basement, which they like anyway.
5. List the last three things you've lost.
  • The cord to Amanda's cell phone for the experiment
  • A page out of a notebook I use for teaching.
  • The book for a blog tour I was supposed to do (not this one!)

6. List the last three things you've found.
  • The cord
  • The page
  • but NOT the book!
Would you play along on your own blog? Consider yourself tagged. In addition to some bloggy fun, by participating in the meme, you can also win some treasure of your own. Please let me know you are participating so that I can come and check out your answers.

Three brave "players" will be selected at random to win their own lost gold (Gourmet chocolate coins and all three books in the Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War series). To enter all you have to do is answer the MEME on your blog and then leave a comment on Tricia’s blog tour post HERE. that you’ve posted your meme. Easy.

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