Thursday, June 26, 2008

Call Me Mr. Greenjeans

Kyle was admiring the corn in our garden. He was excited in a typically Kyle way, "The corn is growing so big! You're doing such a good job!" (Then he actually said something about I should have a corn blog--but when I asked him what a blog was, he couldn't tell me. That cracked me up. He's FOUR.)

Actually, Mother Nature is doing an excellent job. Our garden didn't do very well last year. It was pretty cold and wet, so the tomatoes just didn't ripen. This year, these moderately warm sunny days and brief rainshowers that we've been having regularly are an amateur (and lazy) gardener's dream. The corn seems to be growing taller by the hour.

I have high hopes for the corn. I'm not holding my breath on the many yellow flowers on the tomato plants, but if they ripen to maturity and have that ripe sweet tart flavor of a perfect garden tomato, Kyle and I will be in heaven.

Earlier this week, we ate broccoli that we harvested from our garden.

I also made up that pizza pasta full of peppers and onions (and cheese and pepperoni) based loosely on a recipe that Barb posted regularly.

This post is quickly becoming quite random. I took these pictures on the green in New Haven when I took my friends there, and I just think that they are cute.

Edited Friday to add that my Disney buddy Lori just started a Friday photo carnival, so I'm including these cute photos in there. Even Kyle said, "That's my favorite," when he saw the one of him looking up at me. I guess if I ever did any photo editing, I could lighten it up? Maybe I need to be reading Lori's blog as she explores photography.

I figure that poor quality blogging will keep me from getting too big for my bloggy britches--the aforementioned green jeans--as a result of the cool events I've been a part of lately.

Seriously--a conference call with Nicholas Sparks? A cool NYC press event? A trip to DisneyWorld? and that call with Janet Evans that I was just on was a small affair including none other than Jill Asher (whose blogs I've been stalking--particularly NYC moms and NJ Moms), and Dooce. Super-bloggers and an Olympian who still holds many of the records in her events--who would've thunk it?


Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

FABULOUS photos! And I am so glad to hear you are having such great opportunities. You deserve it. :)

PS - this is Janice talking - I am just logged in as Susan and I am too lazy to log out LOL

Monica @ Paper Bridges said...

Jill's great. I can't wait to meet her in person. I've had Sparks on my reading radar, but dang it, people want to eat, wear clean clothes, etc., I've not enough reading time.


Just Pure Lovely said...

Oh, I love the expression on his face. Such a sweet photo. Thank you so much for sharing!

Katrina said...

Love the pictures of Kyle. What a cutie!

I'm sad to report that a mystery creature just ate my entire pepper plant this week. I'm only growing a few plants this year -- a bit of a vegetable experiment. We have many rabbits and groundhogs around here, so I'm not surprised. Just bummed.