Friday, June 27, 2008

Destination Disney -- Fireworks Shows

Before I get to this week's carnival, I have a few things that you might be interested in. It's the commercial before the movie, if you will.

Someone at Disney contacted me and wanted me to pass on the information about the new Disney YouTube channel. When you're over there, find out how you can win a trip for 4 to Disneyland, including a night in the Dream Suite in the castle.

One of our Destination Disney participants, Living Life Where Shoes are Optional, is trying to start a new carnival, Mondays with the Mouse. Those of you who were sad that we slowed down here should check it out. She's a Florida local, so she's sharing some of her favorite tips and tricks and inviting others to do the same.

And finally, my Disney buddy Lori is a great photographer. Many of the pictures that are posted on our Disney Mom Blogger Flickr page are hers. Anyway, she's been discussing photography and is holding a Friday photo carnival on her blog Just Pure Lovely.

Now back to our regularly scheduled carnival. . . .

Which fireworks shows have you seen? Which are skippable? Did you find a great place to view it? How early did you arrive?

When I was there in April, we saw the Epcot Illuminations show. Our seats couldn't have been better. We were ushered to a patio right on the water just minutes before the show began. We were so close that we could feel the heat from the fire.

They tried to have a real program here, telling the story of the earth or something. It was okay, but I can see young kids getting antsy, but then again, Epcot isn't really a "young kids" sort of place, so I think that they've stuck with the informative Epcot theme with this one.

What about you? Link up your fireworks' shows tips and tricks, raves and rants, or as always if you don't have a blog, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

The next carnival will be July 11. It's a photo carnival and the topic is "Wow!" It could be an expression on someone's face, something you saw that you couldn't believe, or anything. Disney is a "Wow!" kind of place.

You can find the complete schedule of upcoming topics HERE, and just click the Disney label below to read all of the past posts and carnivals about Disneyworld.


Julie said...

Yea, I'm first this week! And I remembered to make a post lol! Thanks for hosting this, it's lots of fun to get to share about our many experiences at Disney.

Under the Florida Sun said...

Hey Jennifer! Thanks for the Link Love!! Very sweet of you!

Come share some Disney knowledge on Monday!

Thanks for this fun entry!!

Katrina said...

We've only seen the ones at Magic Kingdom, but we really enjoyed them. And since we went to Disney in December, it got dark early, so we didn't have to stay super-late to see them. Definitely worth it.

Kristenc said...

Hi Jennifer-
I linked up my post about Disney's fireworks shows, which are AMAZING! Have a great weekend!