Saturday, June 07, 2008

Destination Disney Schedule

The people have spoken.

People who love all things Mickey would really like to keep it going. I'm going to take some of the suggestions and put together a schedule.

I was thinking monthly, but I think that I will go with every other week, with the week in between simply being a photo roundup with a theme.

Thinking about the topics offered, and going every other week, I managed to fill up a schedule for the rest of the year, and that doesn't even cover all the topics that were mentioned. I reserve the right to cancel it at any time if it fizzles out along the way, but hopefully it will keep growing, and we'll just add to these topics in January 2009.

June 13: Photo -- Characters
June 27: Destination Disney -- Fireworks Shows
July 11: Photo -- Wow!
July 25: Destination Disney -- Other Orlando Activities (not other theme parks)
August 8: Photo-- Hot
August 22: Destination Disney -- Animal Kingdom
September 5: Photo -- Cool . . . .
September 19: Destination Disney -- Hollywood Studios (MGM)
October 3: Photo -- Star struck
October 17: Destination Disney -- Universal Studios
October 31: Photo -- Dressed Up
November 14: Destination Disney -- Epcot
November 28: Photo -- Thankful
December 12: Destination Disney -- A Disney Christmas
December 26: Photo -- Decked Out


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Great list! I look forward to participating!

Vader's Mom said...

Oh goody. I love all the photo chances too.

Thanks for taking the time to work this out for the rest of us :)

Julie said...

Yea! Thanks so much for working it all out. I love the idea of posting photos every other week. Great job with all the topics. I'm really looking forward to this.

Kristenc said...

Thank you for creating a nice schedule of topics. I look forward to participating in all of the Disney-related ones. See you real soon!

Katrina said...

Looks great. Looking forward to everything you and others have to share.

ReviewsbyHeidi said...

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to work this all out for the rest of the year. Our trip is scheduled for mid-January, so this will be a perfect way to lead up to our trip (along with ALL my other planning! LOL)
This is going to be fun!

TheAngelForever said...

Looks like a great schedule. I look forward to seeing everything Disney. My husband and I are trying to figure out when to take our boys. We have not been since our honeymoon, which is WAY too long ago. I am having major Disney withdrawal.

Heather said...

Is this open to anyone? I'd love to play along as well. :)