Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kyle's Brother

Kyle and William are fast friends. They didn't really have a choice.

William was born eight months after Kyle. Lee was one of my first friends here in Connecticut, and having two little guys close in age, we soon began to swap babysitting favors (as well as just hanging out together with the little ones in tow).

At first they seemed worlds apart in age, but soon they were able to play. By the time they were toddlers, any time they saw each other, there would be an excited, "William!!!" answered by an equally enthusiastic, "Kyle!!!"

At three and four, they play well together (when they aren't beating on each other like true brothers do), and instead of being a burden, babysitting has actually become a bit of a blessing.

Kyle has stayed the night over there quite a few times when I needed help, and William has stayed the night here.

One time after Kyle had been over there a couple times in a week, William was asking about him and told Lee, "Kyle is my brother." Lee has called Kyle her fifth child for a while. It's reached the point where neither of us has to be sure that the house is in order or that we are serving something other than PB&J for lunch (or dinner) when they're around. It's easy and natural.

Recently, I've realized that not only is Kyle William's brother, but I am his mother in the same fashion. When we are all together, either boy is as likely to ask either mom for help. I walked into Lee's house yesterday, and William came up and asked me, "Do you know where my swimsuit is?" Later that day, he came up to me (while his mom was also on the porch), and asked me to put on his shoes. Similarly, Kyle asked William's dad to refill his juice when his own dad and I were only 2 feet further away.

The family comparisons don't stop there. In the four years that I've lived here, Lee and I have experienced the ups and downs of motherhood, stressful situations outside the home, fun trips (camping with our kids and getting away as couples), and just a whole lot of daily life. These kinds of ties have cemented us together in a way deeper than friends. There's a connection there and a knowledge that we are always there to help when needed.

Lee's my sister, too.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Around here it's "William!!!" and "Micah!!!" Good friends at any age are a blessing from God.

At A Hen's Pace said...

We have family friends that are just like that--substitute moms and dads, brothers and sisters!

Here's the weird thing though--between our two families, we have three shared birthdays! When my youngest was born on the wife's birthday, making the third, we couldn't believe it. What are the odds??



Katrina said...

Oh, very sweet. How wonderful to have friends like that!

Lee said...

Okay, you made me get all teary! When we were at lunch yesterday, W told his grandmother, "I have a friend Kyle." He just thought she should know.

Jen Rouse said...

Isn't that wonderful? I have one mommy friend with whom I am that close and my kids are that close--I wish I had more! We all need friends like that.