Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kyle's Doctor Loves Bruises

I took Kyle to the doctor today for his four-year-old appointment. All is well. He's grown quite a bit in the last year, but is still firmly in the 50th percentile in height and weight.

She said the same thing I remember her saying last year: "He has just the right number of scrapes and bruises on his legs. That means he's staying active!" I love that about her. She's a mom of four kids who are all in school. She knows how it is. That's why I feel that I can trust her recommendations in other areas.

I asked her about poison ivy, because he's already had it once this year and had it a couple of times last year. She said to wash it well and keep it covered to keep it from getting infected from scratching, which is what I've been doing.

I asked her about his lisp, which is pronounced on the esses, especially at the end of a word. She said that he could be tested, but probably wouldn't be covered through the schools, because it doesn't affect the ability to understand him. She said we could work with private speech therapists. I was actually kind of surprised to hear her say this. I asked her if I could keep working with him at home, and she said that was a good idea if that's what I wanted to do. I wonder if she gave me that option because she thought I was worried about it and wanted additional intervention? Do any of your kids have lisps? Did they outgrow them or did you work with them or send them to speech therapy?

She listened to his cough (our well-child visit happened to coincide with his nasty summer cough), and confirmed what I've always known--coughs last forever (it could take 2 weeks to go away).

I always love watching my kids on the exam table. They both get so still and serious and compliant. However, Kyle did have to have 4 vaccines, and they really hurt. I've never been one who got overly concerned about my babies crying with vaccines, but with these (especially numbers two and three, probably the worst ones were stuck in the middle), he said, "Ow, ow," as tears filled his eyes when he was trying to be brave. I also loved the way the doctor administered them. I was seated in the chair, and she had him straddling me and giving me a big hug, while she gave two in each arm.

What do you like about your doctor?


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Our pediatrician is a man with 2 boys within months of the same ages as my boys. He understands a swollen eye, legs covered with bruises and an occasional bite mark. I like that he doesn't send me for unnecessary tests but when something big comes up he takes action. And he doesn't do the shots - the nurse in the office does so kids won't be afraid of him.

Carey said...

Have you contacted early intervention ? You might find them through Department of social services. or even the school. here in NY kids can start early(my nephew has gone since he was two..he is now 4). They come to the house twice a week for my nephew. and have yearly evaluations.
I grew up in Bethel, Ct...I love it there.

Anonymous said...

Both of my boys had speech issues that I asked the speech therapist at their school to listen to. Both were right on. I wouldn't worry too much if you can understand him, he'll probably out grow it soon. Now Jason has 2 appliances in his mouth and Steve can't understand him at all!
My pediatrician's sons are our age (one graduated from A&M with us, as did he) he is just silly enough for the kids but always up to date on all the things going on. He also lives across the street from the elementary school, it's weird to see your pediatrician working in his yard in his shorts! We really like him! Martha

Carrie said...

Our pediatrician has 5 grown kids of his own and is the most laid back, easy going guy. He totally trusts us, lets us know it, and doesn't try to push us to do things we don't want to do. In this day and age, I think doctors who make you feel safe and cared for are invaluable. I know ours is!

Karla E said...

Jennifer, I love that our kid's doctor is NOT a pediatrician. I've taken them to our doctor since Matt was 5 and Nick was 2. I got tired of so many sick kids at the Pediatrician. Our doctor treats the kids like he treats us...with respect. And he listens to me like I'm NOT a crazy Mother...just another one of his patients who loves her kids.

MommySecrets said...

It sounds like you have a great doctor - you chose wisely!! :)

Katrina said...

We like our pediatrician, too, and I was amused when he told me that Logan's shins looked just right for a 2-year-old (meaning -- the bruises!).

Camden has had speech therapy in school since he was in Kindergarten, but it's more for flow/fluency issues than for lisps or sounds. That said, he couldn't make the "j" or "ch" sounds until he got to kindergarten and then one day they just clicked for him. I don't think I'd worry about Kyle's lisp. You understand him and so do his teachers and everyone else, so I think you're good, just working with him on your own. If he gets into school and the speech therapist wants to see him, you can deal with it then. At Camden's school, the kids who *don't* go to speech therapy are jealous of those who do -- since they get to miss part of class. :)

Sorry about the shots. I remember the 4-yr shots being rough on Camden, too.

Beck said...

Both of my older kids have speech disorders - The Boy's most profoundly affects his speech as lisping. Most kids outgrow their lisps by 6, but it's worth while having him tested by a reputable speech pathologist before he starts school.