Thursday, June 12, 2008


"I'm going to go see what Efan is doing." Kyle could hear but not see the much-admired seventeen-year-old neighbor in his front yard due to a downward slope of their yard and a thick hedge of evergreen trees separating our yards. He walked up the driveway and peeked through.

"Hi Efan. Why are you not dressed?"


"Why are you not dressed?" Kyle repeated.

"He wants to know why you aren't wearing a shirt," Ethan's older brother Justin translated as they continued playing catch.

"Because it's hot," Ethan finally explained.

"Why is your dog Tanner in the bush like that?" Kyle continued to question.

"He's getting the ball," Ethan again explained.

With all his questions answered, Kyle walked back down the driveway to continue his game--swinging the plastic Wal-Mart golf club like a hockey stick with a Monica Seles grunt to try to hit the plastic golf ball as far as possible.

Perhaps in ten or twelve years the as-of-yet unborn children of the young couple across the street will ask Kyle the same kinds of questions. I can only hope that Kyle is as patient and matter-of-fact and accepting as Ethan has been.


Katrina said...

Aw, that's cute. Good neighbors (especially ones who are patient with and kind to our kids!) are a blessing. The house next to ours is empty and for sale and I'm curious to see who our new neighbors will be.

heather said...

My sister had the biggest crush on the neighbor-boy next door. So cute. She was three, I think.