Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Tale of Two Six Trips

Martha is my no-longer-stealth (blog-reading) former college roommate.

I visited Martha first. Another college friend was getting married, so I stayed with her and her husband and baby Hannah.

A few years later when Amanda was born months after we moved to Portland, Martha said, "I'm coming to visit you! I'm going to help you with the baby, and see your new house." So she left her two kids at home with Dad, and came to visit.

When we moved back to Houston a few years later, I extended an invitation for her to come see me now that I was back in the state. I encouraged her to bring the kids and escape the Texas heat and swim in our new pool, and they did.

The following summer, Amanda and I returned the trip and hung out with her and her family in Plano.

After Kyle was born, Martha said, "I have to come visit you again. I came to see Amanda when she was born, and it wouldn't be fair if I didn't come see Kyle!" As it turns out, by that point, we were in the throes of preparing for our move to Connecticut, so she was there as I was sorting through boxes.

When we moved up here, she hoped that they'd be able to visit, because they've been wanting to come to New York City as a family. They spent four days in New York City, and then came here for two. Kyle immediately took a shine to 13-year-old Hannah. He kept staring at her braces, and said that he was going to get some and go to Hannah's house so that she could put them on him. When we got out of the car to go to the restaurant, he asked to hold her hand instead of mine in the parking lot--a rule he is pretty good about obeying.

When we got back home, 8-year-old Jason was so pleased to be older than someone in the house that he played with Kyle all afternoon. Later he tried to console him when he had a dramatic fit at the dairy where we get ice cream.

Big brother Michael, 11, introduced Kyle to his Pokemon figures, and liked playing with his trains.

When Amanda got home from school, she was amazingly anti-social. By Friday afternoon, they were all playing outside together (yes, even the teenager).

They say that people experience a special bond when they face death together.

Friday afternoon we went to New Haven. Steve wanted to see the Knights of Columbus museum that is there. I think I jotted something down wrong in the directions, so we had already backtracked, but then Mapquest failed me. Due to some one-way streets, a river, and a convergence of highways, we were having trouble getting to the intersection of Union and State streets. We finally got to the point that we could see where we were supposed to be, but the sign said, "No Right Turn." Frustrated I said, "Too bad, I'm turning right. That's where we need to go!"

A beat too late, Martha said, "Jennifer, it's a one-way street!"

Fortunately we were at a good spot in the traffic pattern, so as three lanes of cars were coming at me, I had the chance to do a quick U-turn.

The children laughed, and we eventually made it to the museum and the town green in New Haven as well. We capped off the day by grilling and chilling.

She and her family are now on an airplane back home to Plano, Texas. I guess it's my turn to visit her in Texas now.


Jo said...

It seems you've been a gypsy of late! My dearest friend also lives in Texas... you have a very intriguing blog here; so warm and inviting!

rickismom said...

Its nice when you can keep up with friends like that!

Katrina said...

Sounds wonderful, despite the close call!

Anonymous said...

JENNIFER!!! You forgot the back to back trips as bridesmaids in each others weddings!! It was good to see you guys!

(Husband of Stealth Roommate)

Karla E said...

Jennifer, And your "other" friend in Texas. We miss you in San Antonio too. Someday I'll convince Dan that the boys need to see NYC (and Connecticut).